What kind of paint?

LibbyLizFebruary 2, 2009

What kind of paint do you think is used on these light bulbs?


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at first I thought it would be either a china or glass paint. but it looks lumpy. Maybe just a regular dimensional squeeze bottle paint

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Thanks for the link, what a cool idea! I painted on a big lite bulb before gluing stuff to it. I used a primer that is used to prime slick surfaces before painting, then regular acrylic paint. I would guess these are done the same way with some dimensional paint details added then finally a coat of urethane. I think I'll have to try some.
Here is the link to my garden junk lite bulb in the gj forum. The lite bulb is in the second message in the thread. The blues and greens metaliics paint swirled underneath helps to give the thing color.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kathys lite bulb (and flea mkt finds)

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I have a question about something on the link. How did you get the ducks to look so realistic?! ha ha ha Just kidding. I'm serious about this though; that's a nice looking bauble you put together with that light bulb!

I too was thinking there's probably puffy paint on those bulbs. I was checking out glass paint today at Micheal's, but thought "What the hey, hubby has model paints not being used.". So I'll go cheap, if they're not dried up.

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You can make dimension with Elmers glue then paint it when dry. Won't hold up out doors though.

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well - it could all just be the 3-d squeeze-bottle paint from the craft store - but that peels off pretty easily - we used to mask off stripes with masking tape, then give the glass a light coat or two of matte spray-clear (or candy-apple car coat, back when they still sold hot-rod paint in cans...) to give the glass some 'tooth'.

there are also heat-set 'glass' paints, and a couple sorts of enamels that work on glass that can then be clear-coated.

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Take a look at these. I don't think they were on the first link.


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I love them! I've saved some light bulbs. I'm going to paint a bunch of stuff all at once with the primer paint for slick surfaces cuz it stinks and I only want to get it out once. Then I'm trying this.

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