48 inch gas cooktop most reliable and best bang for buck?

newbuild2012November 19, 2012


We are building a new home and are choosing appliances. Just decided to switch from full range to gas cooktop and double wall ovens. Don't want to bend over and lift heavy items out of oven repeatedly.

Cook daily and entertain mid size groups often.

Thought we were set on Wolf 48 inch gas cooktop with griddle, but am wondering if there is a comparable brand that is a little more budget friendly?

We want open burners, 48 inch and a griddle. If you have a 48 inch gas cooktop, please recommend a brand and why you bought it.

thanks in advance!

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Wolf offers semi-open burners on their ranges but only sealed burners on their rangetops.And they are discontinuing their semi-open burner ranges soon.

A semi-open burner 48" rangetop that is on the market is Five Star. Also offers grill/griddle option. Like Wolf, Five Star burners are underpowered. A step down in quality vs Wolf but only $2.8k.

Your other options are Bluestar RNB and Capital Culinarian.
BS is about $4k and CC about $4.5k. Both offer robust power and very even heat. Both offer fine griddles. BS can simmer 10 degrees lower at 130 while CC has a bit more top end power. BS is about half a step down in quality vs Wolf while CC about the same. There are plenty of threads discussing RNB vs CC burners on Appliance Forum.

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Sealed burners but Thermador offers similar power plus extra low burners for less money than the Wolf.
You will see some complaints about the cycling feature of the extra low, but from what I've read these complaints are from people who Don't own the Thermador.
The Thermador customers that I have like the feature.

The Capital is a good choice for open burners.

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Thanks everyone, I appreciate the feedback.
We went to the Wolf Showroom today and felt like we were in the appliance mecca.
We are going to visit the rep who has Blue Star, Thermador next week- haven't been able to find CC around town.
I'll post more then.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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