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oddieFebruary 13, 2007

Antique silver filigree heart, with black onyx beads, dangle has a swarovski crystal and antique silver rose bead.

gave this to my daughter, thought it would look nice with a little black dress on Valentine's day !

Happy Crafting


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Ginger had hoped you would see my post, and thank you, wanted you to see that I am improveing and all your help wasnt for nothing! love your sig tag ( I think they are called ).
Happy Crafting

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Oddie, I love that..That is so me! I'll have to keep those bits in mind for designing one for myself..

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Terri_pacna Thank you ! I have always loved black onyx, and when I seen the beads on the clearance area I got bouth packs was enough with other parts to make two bracelets. if you go to hobby lobby much check out there clearance, last week I got some real pretty crystal heart, two in a pack for .52, I think I paid $1.50 for the onyx beads, yes I am cheap, but in the end the results are the same. now what to do with those pretty hearts
Happy Crafting

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I don't have a Hobby Lobby near me...durn it!
I did happen upon a Bead sale at Michaels a month or so picked up a few things..
I just need more things. LOL

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