Fabric covered memo boards

omacFebruary 21, 2008

Does any one have a pattern for the memo boards that are covered with fabric, and has a quilt batting between the board and fabric.


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Hi Omac, I can't help you with a pattern, but I think you have the idea right on how to do it. Just the batting, then stretch the fabric over it and staple it to the back. Then you can criss cross ribbons over the top of that to use to tuck pictures, memos, recipes, etc. onto the board.

Maybe some of the other gals on here have made one and can offer more help.


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I have been wanting to make one for my kids. Do I need an expensive stapler? I'm not sure if my regular stapler at home can do the job?

Thanks, Anna

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A paper stapler won't work. You need a staple gun like is sold in the hardware stores.
I ended up buying my bulletin board pre made from Big Lots as it was cheaper than buying the supplies to make one.

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I did it. I made one.

I bought a paint canvas from Michael's for about $3.00
and a spool of ribbon for a buck

I had some left over fabric and batting from my old quilting days.

It didn't turn out to bad, except for the corners. Not sure how to get a good point with out the fabric bunching up, but I'll work on that.

I got a staple gun and staples at Lowe's for about $12.00.

I google searched padded memo boards, and it came up with several sites.

For my first one it really didn't turn out to bad.

Thanks you all for your input and advice.

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We did a foam core one for my mother a couple years ago who is in her 90's - the one side has white felt and red felt letters saying MERRY CHRISTMAS and some holly leaves. We thumbtack her Christmas cards on that side. The rest of the year we just flip it over and it is covered with fabric w/the crisscross ribbons and a wide ribbon border and we tuck in cards and pictures that she get through out the year. She loves it......


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Trim the batting at the corners, and wrap the fabric around it. I've done similar by cutting a square out of the corner so it is sort of mitered.

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Made some of these for gifts two years ago. Got old pictures on artist's canvas at garage sales. Size did not matter.
covered it with batting and fabric. For the corners I pulled the fabric tightly from the corner, stapled and then pulled along the sides.
Used coordinating ribbon criss-crossed across the corners then from corner to corner .Fastened the ribbon with staples on the back side. At the juncture of the ribbons, I sewed a coordinating button all the way through the batting/fabric to the back.
One fabric was Star Wars fabric another was floral.
Was my first attempt and they turned out very well.
Am thinking of doing the same type of project to be used as a wall mounted jewelry organizer. Have to think about how to fasten and use the "hooks" for necklaces etc.

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I came to this site on purpose to ask for this very craft. How weird is that?

I think I will use the foam core, because I need more of a rectangular size than square.

Can't wait to get this made. As far as hanging it, what type of nail/bracket/ or what did you use?

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I used those saw-tooth picture hangars that you get to put on the back of pictures. Can also put upholstery tacks on the two top corners and use wire to hang on a nail on the wall.

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I made some of these years ago but bought the cork message boards, painted the wooden frame to match the fabric. Measure your fabric to it covers the board with about 2 inches excess all the way around. With a screwdriver, shove the excess material between the cork and the frame.

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