It's November 2013. How is your build?

aries61November 1, 2013

October had a lot of activity that flowed into a second posting. Let's see this month.

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You's your build progressing?

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Hey I was just thinking the same thing mx702! How are your kitchen decisions coming along aries? Did you settle on a cabinet line? I HAVE to do that this weekend and it's stressing me out. One more meeting with a Showplace dealer this evening and then I have to make a choice....

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Autumn. Looks like Shiloh. Nice cabinet line and a great price. Was waiting for a sample of the new Silas to determine if I wanted to use that as the color for by peninsula/island. Received the sample yesterday and don't like it at all. Looks like I'm going to do all white. Thanks for asking.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Cabinets!!! The bane of my existence. Until I just sucked it up and went to the cabinet maker in our small town. I have not a clue why I was trying to go other places. I guess b/c dh kept saying "they'll be too expensive"... I finally listened to my builder instead. I actually haven't gotten prelim prices yet, but at this point, I'm using them, period.
He's 5 minutes from the site, can make anything to any size, paint any color, distress... all the stuff I want.
I hate that I even wasted my time on trying to go someother direction. Oh well...
Glad you've got yours almost figured out aries, and keep at it Autumn!!

Continuing from October thread...
thanks aksars, I've always loved dormers and have said from a young age if I ever built a house I'd have dormers. Builder kinda tried to talk me out of them, b/c they are kind of expensive, but with 1.5 story instead of a full two, I really had no choice. That's why I designed it that way to begin with.

I actually have 3 across the front and a big shed dormer on the back. I'll post my drawings.... Dad did them all for me, so they aren't fancy like architect drawings....
he's built houses for 40 years on drawings just like them though so they work. :)
A few things have changed, but nothing major. We took out the fireplace. We have one now we don't use. I needed the wall space anyway...
Windows across the front on main floor are all singles now, a wide, narrow, front door, narrow, wide. Made it symetrical to keep my ocd in check ... lol
Island shape is rectangular with angle corner towards the corner in the kitchen. More seating & storage that way :)

Ours is a crawl too, steps for me either. Upstairs is kid area...I don't have to go there if I don't want. I am going to put a small office in the corner of the loft, but I think by the time I can't navigate the stairs, I'll be over all that too!!

Congrats on passing inspections Jay/flargoyle/MushCreek!

Lots of rain & wind here yesterday too. ugh. Dh went out this am to be sure no damage at the house. I was by there too, but too dark when I left to see anything. I also will be VERY VERY glad when it's weather tight.

Today is gloomy still, but not raining!! Luckily my hubby is a master at playing in the dirt, and made sure our driveway is AWESOME, and has spread lime and stone everywhere possible so the guys can get in & around everything.

I can't remember if I said, but we've finally decided on siding color (flagstone grey), trim/soffit/gutter (traditional white), etc., garage doors are ordered (will be painted SW Sun Dried Tomato, RED!!!!), windows (white) are ordered. Shingles, I have narrowed down to two, but both in stock at the supplier, so we should be good either way. Timberline HD in Williamsburg Slate or Pewter Grey...

I told my guys that y'all had favorable comments about things being neat & tidy, and straight! LOL

shew... I think I'm done for a minute

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I was wondering about Dutty, and jennybc and loessismore and...ok, sorry, I guess I'll just wait and see who posts on this thread this month. Sorry to get carried away.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

oh....I've been waiting on Dutty's big reveal. That is my dream house!! :)

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Looks it's raining in lot of places. It has been bit gloomy here but no rain yet. Can't wait to get the house covered.

Loribug, Its great that your dad did the plans for you. Good that you finally went to the local cabinet Guy. I have also contacted the local cabinet maker I worked with on my old house. But unfortunately it looks like if I want pained finish in anything other than white I may have to go out of state or get it finished on sight at home because of California laws :(

I have also talked to another interior designer and she works very much like Spotty's (Pam's) Interior designer model and fee is reasonable so we have decided to use her and see how it goes.

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i'm FINALLY happy to report it seems we're picking up speed after an agonizingly slow and drawn out start.

we've got windows, roof, and HVAC and plumbing work has started. as soon as the HVAC guy is done the electricians are up next, and i believe they ordered all our exterior doors this week so we should see those soon too! we made all our material selections too!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

yay Maggie!! :)

Lookin' good!

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Our weather has been miserable here, too. We're building on Lake Michigan which isn't so fun with 60 mph gusts of wind and rain coming at you sideways.

Our great room beam was set recently.

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Just finished up our plans with our builder this past week. We are planning on breaking ground next May for the foundation. And the builder said he would be on the site with a full crew by July after the foundation cures.

Now if I can just sell this home! We need to sell this home in order to start our build. We have been on the market now since mid-April with several price drops. We are currently priced 10-30k below what local Realtors at an open house told us it would sell for in April. So we know we are priced well. Apparently there are too many homes on the market in my area and not enough buyers! One very interested couple needs to sell their home before they can buy ours. In the meantime, the showings here are very slow, but at least we have another one this coming weekend. Once we sell, we will be renting a home in the community where we will be building. Hopefully we will get an offer soon that we can't refuse.

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Maggiepie-looking good! Looks like a house! :). Luls in the action are the worst. Can't wait to start seeing interior spaces.

Lori-autumn is going to need therapy after this kitchen business is wrapped up! Seriously- I feel sick. I am weighing out medallion, showplace, and Shiloh. Possibly Homecrest for the bathrooms. Medallion has 'specials' but I am not in love with their whites or their door style but I really like the KD....
I did price out a local can builder but they were too far out of budget. It was not to be. Re: dormers-I think they look so cozy. Definitely worth some extra cost in my book! We are building a 1.5 story also, kids upstairs. That is really cool that your Dad has that skill. A fun project to collaborate on.

Aries-so which white? I thought for sure polar but I like soft white too and if I go with shiloh I am leaning toward that with a stained island. The Silas is a little washed out I thought. Smokey hills by dynasty is super. Took my breath away. Not that you need something else to look at!

Sorry if typos-no internet service right now so I am on my phone...further researching cabinets.

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Long time lurker here but I just finally set up an account today.

We just started last week but we already have the forms off the basement walls and they did flat work today. I can't believe how fast they are moving.

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Autumn- Haven't decided which white yet. Going to a showroom this weekend and make a decision on what white. Really don't like any of Shiloh stain colors. Just read on their website that their now offering clear alder as a choice of woods now. I chose Shiloh mainly because of price. Really liked the first display that I saw which was painted with brushing.

I've looked at Shiloh, Decora, Showplace, Medallion, Dynasty, Amish, Touchstone, Woodland, Crystal and Starmark inset cabinets. Many of them have nicer stain colors then Shiloh.

If anyone is curious, I'm not building a new house just updating everything from 20 years ago when I did a gut/add/remodel to the house that I grew up in.

I enjoy looking at what people are building. I'm addicted to looking at new houses. This past year I visited 5 parade of homes outside my home state of Illinois. I visited Madison, Milwaukee, Louisville, Minneapolis and Raleigh. Enjoyed all of them except Minneapolis. Didn't like the houses. Probably will visit the other 4 next year and see if I can add anymore. Does anyone recommend any other parade of homes?

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jujubean-looking good! You will have a great view of the Lake - summer and winter when it is frozen over.

aries-hmm, I think you've looked at more than I have...I feel better now, lol! I actually like Shiloh's door style selection for what we want and their white selections better than others I have looked at. We are looking at an alder island and I haven't completely decided what stain we'd go with. I need to check it against our floor (it's pre-finished hard wood so that is not a ? at this point). I liked the alder hutch that has glaze that Kompy posted a few months back. I though it looked really nice. Does the painted with brushing look add more dimension? I haven't seen that one first hand. Not entirely sure if I will do a glaze at all or not.

zoe-good luck with the house sale - that is a stressful time too. We sold faster than we thought and are in a rental now until the house is complete. The market has been non-existent here so when there was slight movement and little inventory we put it up and it did end up selling pretty quick. We weren't sure at all how it was going to go when we took the chance. There were more homes in the higher bracket and that helped us!

kelli-I hope things continue on the fast track for you!

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I'm almost ready to start posting in this thread! yay!

We close Monday (already a delay, it was supposed to happen last Tuesday and the seller's agent didn't have all the paperwork ready, ugh!). Anyways, tree work will start Tuesday and excavation will start Wednesday.

West Michigander here (hi jujubean and autumn!)

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Framing crew worked 1/2 day today. :-( Wished they had worked a full day since yesterday was a washout. But, the framer had to meet with a lawyer over a client not paying for a job.

But, we have floors!

I guess we wait until next week to see something vertical.

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We are moving along well. Exterior crown is going up and I love it. Landscaper is putting our walkout patio and stone walls in, and we are hoping to have some touch up painting done before wallpaper and other little details are finished.

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We have footings and a foundation wall. The house is elevated 3'. The wall you see is the house itself. The posts surrounding the house are the supports for the wrap around porch. Took this pic yesterday.

Hope the weather holds for all of you building in the midwest - Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin. Juju, how far up the lake are you, if you don't mind posting that info? Your setting is ideal.

Good luck Zoe.

We are going with a cabinet maker here that does some custom, some using the lines they sell. We are going with the white shaker style from Fieldstone. We're using their Royal Blue for island base cab's. Then the cab maker is doing quite a few custom built ins for us and matching that blue.

I just ordered sample hardware from 3 companies, all polished nickel. Restoration Hardware, Top Knob, and Jonathan Alexander. Dh didn't like the Alexander set, and I was amazed at the poor quality of the set from Top Knob. It had all sorts of pits and dings, and this is the sample they sent. (which BTW you pay for). So looks like I'll be waiting for RH to have a 30% off hardware sale.

Hoosier, love that tree right on the edge of your cornfield.

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I can't wait to get started on cabinets. Interior finish is much more my speed rather than hauling roof sheathing up a ladder. I'm a toolmaker by trade, so I tend to obsess over minor discrepancies. It makes for a very straight house, but also a slow build. At least this year I am under roof with winter approaching!

Jay (flgargoyle)

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I'm still here!!! Just busy, and haven't taken many photos lately. This is spray foam going in! Drywallers coming soon but we are waiting for the cellulose to dry.

Everybody's builds are looking great!!

Lori- love the dormers!

You guys have added one more thing to my to-do list!!! Getting a photo account so I can post my good photos (not the iPhone ones). Going to work on trim today ...


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We have been in the foundation stage for what seems like FOREVER! One month today, actually. I know there's a lot of work involved with a walkout basement foundation, but I just want to get to the fun stuff! They are almost done backfilling and hopefully slab gets poured on Monday when we should have a break in the rain (this morning was awful and then cleared up to the sun you see in the pic). Framing starts next week! Yippee! Windows have been ordered and lots of selections/orders coming for November.

Juju--Must be exciting to see the framing and big beam go in!!

Love following everyone else's progress too!

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Brick is starting to go up, trim is painted and stone will follow not long after! We should be finishing plumbing and electrical soon, and I'm finalizing my kitchen cabinet design this week. It's coming along!!

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Our build has been moving really slow, we are building this time with a small city builder as its the only way to get the lot we wanted in town. It is a 2900 sq ft custom two story that we designed with their draftsman.

There was a couple issues after framing with trying to get the heating ducts up to the second story. So some changes to layout had to be made needing the framers coming back in. Then time to get the rest of the trades in after to put in heating..... The builder's stock plan homes seem to be coming up much quicker, and think the site sup and trades were stalling instead of just finishing up with the couple of issues in our home.

The builder has now reassured us things will be moving quicker and start happening. So now we are at the stage of drywall being installed. So that's exciting after months of almost no progress. Hopefully I'll have some photos to share soon.

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karakell, Like the exterior of you house. Curious, is it a 1 1/2 story ?

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Thanks! Yes, it's a 1 1/2 story with a walkout basement. (2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a loft upstairs)

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Lots of pics of the completed build in my blog.

Here is a link that might be useful: blog link

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I haven't posted much up until this point, but now that we are making some progress I at least have something to show. We had many delays at the beginning, but in the past 2-3 weeks things have really started to move.

Is there a way to upload multiple photos?

They should be starting the shingles tomorrow.

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I haven't posted much up until this point, but now that we are making some progress I at least have something to show. We had many delays at the beginning, but in the past 2-3 weeks things have really started to move.

Is there a way to upload multiple photos?

They should be starting the shingles tomorrow.

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Lzerarc-- gorgeous home! Thanks for posting the link to your blog, I enjoyed seeing it all.

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As always, so much fun to see everyone's progress! At this point, I have a shingled roof (woohoo!). Rough plumbing has started and a few windows are in. Rough electric and HVAC should be next.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Cute house Ronda!

Looks like we're somewhere in the middle.. :)

These were taken Saturday, exept the last one was taken a few weeks ago when dh was cutting beans in the field next door. It's from on top of the combine :)

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Lots of delays this month. Rain every week, excavator in the hospital, but we did get our electricity installed and temporary power pole erected, also cut alot of firewood from the trees that were cleared. Our excavator is back in action now and is digging the basement, finishing the outbuilding site work, and clearing a few more trees. Foundation pour should be next week. Framers scheduled to start in 2 weeks.

Lori--your house looks very similar to our design with the 3 dormers, can't wait to see more of your progress.

Everyone's progress looks great!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Black paper is going on, and porch framing!!

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We are there! Tree removal and excavation started this morning!

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Congratulations illinigirl. Seems to take forever to get to that point.
So exciting to see all the progress here.

lzerarc, beautiful home!

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jay-sounds good! Your original screen name just stuck with me that's all (and that you are building single handedly). I can handle mush creek too. Congrats on finally moving with your wife to your new location :)

lzerarc-very nice - glad you came back to post some of the finished product. Kudos on the energy star- that is awesome.

marji-I just know you are missing cold MI right about now! Where did you settle to build? It looks somewhere down south. If you already said I apologize, it's hard to keep up with everyone!

illini-congrats - it will start taking shape so quickly! The chance of rain has been lowered a LITTLE bit and I am all for that!

We have walls! It's so exciting to walk through it and actually look out the 'windows' and see what we'll see.

Oh dear - camera a little crooked. I was having a panic attack that they framed the kitchen windows without the exact measurements from the KD (which I hadn't chosen yet - analysis paralysis thank you very much). That is only MY fault but I had DH ask them to wait on that wall and I guess that's not how it's done. So my decision stall came to a prompt end as I called one that I liked the best right then and there at 4:45 which produced a drawing with window dimensions by 5...they need to move one of the windows over. No biggie I guess (I am calmer now lets say). Left to right the windows facing rear are the master, living room, dining room and then there is a slider on the side out to the screened porch.

I can't wait to see what today brings!

Gas company - there is a hold up there. I hope it's short lived. They are claiming we need to pay to run the gas line from the nearest intersected road when there is a gas line tie in right in front of our property. I am hoping that gets resolved without the added $2,000 charge.

I hope everyone is having a little dry period to get some progress in!

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Great to see progress from everyone.

lzerarc, Thanks for posting the link to your house and blog I enjoyed looking at the pictures.You house looks great.

karakell , Like your brick color.

loessismore, Sorry about the delays. Hope you move along faster this month.

Lori, You are moving along fast.

Autumn, It is a great feeling to walk through the first time afte the walls are up gives you more of a sense of how everything will flow.

On our front we are moving along. Should be done with framing and sheathing for the roof this week (inspection scheduled for Friday)

We also started working with a designer and she has helped us make some changes to the master bathroom layout. Just in time before plumbings starts later this week :)
we need to make a decision on the roof by next week.

Here is the latest on our build.

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First time posting in this thread, so a real milestone for us! Anyways, broke ground in August and had to wait a bit for our framer to finish up a previous job before he started ours so we're a bit behind, but hoping to wrap up this phase in the next few weeks before the rain really sets in here in Washington.

Temp Power, Well, Septic, Foudation and Drainage all installed. Building on 5.5 acres and this view is from 1/2 way down the driveway.

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NWHobart--We are building in Washington also! Looks like there are several of us on here with builds in progress. Our foundation was poured yesterday (fortunately, they poured first thing in the am and we didn't get rain until 8pm) and framing started today. We too are hoping they get as much done as possible before it turns really ugly around here!

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We are in NW Washington too! Footings are done and they are working on getting the foundation walls for our walkout basement poured.

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nwhobart - I love your trees along the drive. We have a lot of oaks but I really enjoy pine/spruce trees also. They are very picturesque.

akshars-wow the roof is on and sheeted! Very exciting. I like your entrance there. I can't wait to see that come along.

Today is a rain day so no progress but yesterday they framed the front and you can see the dormer (1 1/2 story).

Best thing - the boys are getting excited and we can walk through rooms now.

The only one that gave me pause was the master bath. We didn't want it huge...and it certainly is not, lol! I think it could have been a teensy bit wider between the vanity wall and the shower wall but it is what it is now.

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Our framers have been busy this week. I love watching them. I spent Monday in the pole barn watching as they worked. We are fortunate that we are living with our daughter and SIL who live on the acreage behind us. We are always close by. Autumn, we might escape the rain today. We are on the edge of the system. DH is heading down to the site. He's supposed to meet and greet the crew and open the pole barn so they can get their supplies out.

I love seeing all the shapes of the houses going up! And the scenery around your homes. So pretty!

DH is screwing in the floor boards after the crew leaves each day. The framers nailed and glued the floors but we decided we wanted them screwed, too. The framer had a quick drive machine (installs screws while standing up) and is letting hubby use it. It's still a long and hard process but DH is willing to do it.

The only room I'm freaking out about is our master bedroom. It feels small. But, like autumn, it is what it is. I measured and put all our furniture in the design software before we finalized our plans so I know it will fit. But we have a king canopy bed and it might look too big in the room. Oh well. The rest of the house I'm very pleased.

Here's a pic of the front of the house. Can't wait to get the roof with gables up.

Here's a pic of the big beam to separate our open kitchen/dining from the family room. That's DH screwing the floor boards.

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Looks great everyone.
Blech on the rain day autumn. Love seeing your progress. It's like a little sneak peek for me since we have similar plans.

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So exciting. I love the framed houses. All of our delays so far have been administrative.
Right now we're waiting on surveyor again. We are required to have a confirmation survey to determine that yes, the foundation is where we said it would be and there are no encroachments. Of course it is, but we still have to have it done. Once that is complete then I should have a framed house to show!

Autumn, we're building in South Carolina. We have alligators - two of them evidently, in the pond on our property. that's going to take some getting used to.

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illini - :) Trees coming down okay?

marji - I am not a fan of snakes but logically I know they can't really hurt me (even though they really startle me when I see them). Alligators? What exactly do you do with that? Fence or ???

I cannot believe all of the paperwork. Wow. Still dealing with gas company but I *think* it's moving forward.

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NWHobart, you have a beautiful lot. Your house looks like it belongs there.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

I got home just at dark yesterday, so I ran over quick to take a pic before I went to the barn.

It's looking like a house!!! yay!! :)

NWH, we had a similar situation. Foundation sat for almost a month of drought like weather while they finished another job, and as soon as they got started on ours it started raining...

But I'm in good company apparently!! :)

They were decking the porch this am. It was pretty nice until about 9 am, raining now, and supposed to the rest of the day. Builder called to ask questions about stairs & some inside things, so they might get to work more today than I thought, since it's under roof...about ready for shingles.
Windows are supposed to be delivered this week.
Plumbing rough in next weekend (dh's step brother doing on the side)
Went to look at stone samples today... can't decide...

So cool to see all the different types and places!

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Marji , Wow Alligators Do you plan to fence? Never been in a area with them so curious how people handle this.

Lori, Looks great. I am hoping we will have the black paper by early next week. You are just a step ahead of us so it is nice to see what we can expect next :)

Autumn, The kitchen selection is done? I am just starting on this and need to decide fast. We are starting it later then I expected.

Hooiseirbred, You are coming along great. And it is nice that your DH can screw the floor to provide additional support.

NWHobart and illinigirl, Welcome to the thread and we hope you post frequently with updates.

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akshars-my advice to you - if the kitchen layout effects framing AT ALL - is to get it done! Our windows in the kitchen flank the range - so I needed a pretty firm design to have them place evenly. The house design didn't really lay it out EXACT - more like place holders for me to work with a KD. So...definitely can cause a problem - one framed window needs to be moved because I didn't decide soon enough, didn't have firm measurements. :( The KD/cabinet line is decided but I do not have the design locked down - a few tweaks needed and worst of all I need to narrow down stains and paint color. I have a meeting with them tomorrow.

Lori-looks so nice! As does the sky that does not look gray.

Hoosiers-that is some beam! Yikes! Sheeting already - awesome!

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Autumn, You are right we need to finalize the kitchen deisgn soon.We also have place holders for the major appliances but not the exact location. We only have one window in the kitchen but we do need to finalize the layout for plumbing and the venting of the hood and gas line to the right place. The interior designer is supposed to work on the kicten design this week so let us see how much progress she make in the next day or so.

Glad you have finalized the KD and most of the layout. I know the stain slection and countertop/backsplash selctions are all going to tough with so many options. I think you are going with white cabinets Am i correct? I am debating between white on perimeter vs white island.

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akshars-hmm, we also have the vent hood and I didn't really ask about placement of that - figured it would to between the studs but I wasn't too worried. I will add that to my list of things to ask the kd.

Kitchen-we debated that as well. In the end we are going with white perimeter and stained island mostly because I am hoping the island will hold up better with stain vs. paint as it will have seating. Our flooring has already been chosen so now we need to choose a complimentary island stain but not too 'matchy matchy'. I am hoping they have a good variety of door samples in the stains I want to check out. They have free glazing and a vintage finish also but we are up in the air on that as well.

Hoping for a dry day tomorrow and Friday for more progress. The lumber for the 2nd floor was delivered this afternoon.


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We are making some more progress this week and they are really moving on the shingles. It's freezing here in MN so I'm hoping the guys can get the house enclosed soon.

Today they finished roughing the fireplaces and got a lot of the plumbing ready in the bathrooms.

Autumn...we are also doing white perimeter cabinets with a stained island. I loved all the Houzz kitchens I saw with that look. What are you doing for counters?

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rbattaglia-the weather is turning here too but flurries are easier to work in than cold nasty rain. The counters: wish I knew! I am all over the place with that one. I really like soapstone but not sure if we could handle the 'patina'. I think we are drawn to the leathered or honed feel but I'm just not sure. I am trying to find ONE counter top that goes with both but that is difficult as well. I think bianco antico would be a good blend. Our main and only sink is in the island. I love to look at the walnut counter tops like Breezy and LittleFishies on kitchens but there again 'patina' and water by the wood gives me pause. How about you?

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Akshars, Autumn and Rbattaglia, do you have a stoneyard you will visit to choose your countertops? I'd suggest doing that ASAP. The slabs full size look SO different than the 4x4" samples you carry around.

We're doing white perimeter counters with a painted blue island base. I thought I had my countertop choices made, but when we got to the stoneyard it changed.
Autumn, my only sink is in the island too, and I ended up with the bullet proof quartz composite countertop there, just because I don't want to have to be manic about maintaining my counters. I love the wood too - my dad put it into their lake home on Pentwater about 15 years ago, but since they're not vigilant about cleaning up spills, water and maintaining it, it looks like crap now.
I ended up choosing soapstone for the perimeter. It's so beautiful, and it's the only stone you can actually set a hot pan on right off the stove. And I don't have a sink on my perimeter.
My kitchen isn't big enough to support two sinks.

Good luck all. I can't imagine the pressure of making these decisions as you're framing.

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oh, re the alligators. We are not fencing. We don't have small animals, and really the only danger from the alligators is to small animals.
We won't swim in the pond, EVER! and before walking down to the pond I look to make sure that Alfred (our neighbors have named him) is sunning on the opposite bank or that at least he's not in sight.
So far no one in our development has had any kind of adverse encounter with the gators. My dh has been golfing the last few weeks, and the gators hang around the golf course ponds. You just acclimate yourself to the idea of losing a few balls and doing a drop if your ball ends up too close to one of the beasts.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

my normal photo spot was too wet to take a picture from yesterday, but they got the porch trussed & decked.
Stairs are in!! Or at least roughed in... lol they just have plywood on them right now, but at least they're functional. :)

rb24 - lookin' good!! :)

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At this point we have chosen HanStone Quartz countertops that will alternate black on the perimeter and lighter on the island.

We also have our sink in the island.

Here is my inspiration photo.

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Beautiful inspiration pic rb24. Does the hanstone you picked for the island have that much movement?
I ended up with LG Viatera Everest, which actually looks a lot like your inspiration pic. I wanted something whiter - actually would have loved a hunk of white marble, but just didn't want the price or the maintenance issues with the marble. Anyway, the LG Everest grew on me, and I think it'll be perfect.

What other choices have you made for your kitchen?

Went out to building site today. We're moving along at a snail pace. Maybe we'll have decking on the floors tomorrow.
Meanwhile I'm having too much time to second guess all these choices.

What is everyone here doing for appliance packages? I've decided on several Thermador appliances, which isn't a really popular choice here on GW, but after doing a lot of extra research I'm comfortable with what I'm getting.
I'm going with an all (propane) gas range, the Thermador steam oven, and free dishwasher. I didn't want a big stainless refrig in my white kitchen, didn't want to spend the $ for panel ready built-in, so ended up with a Jenn-air white french door CD refrig. No ice and water in the door.
Since I know many of you are going through kitchen planning right now, thought I'd ask the question.

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The Hanstone for the island is different then the pic...we chose Specchio White.

The perimeter counter is Obsidian Black. The cabinets will be painted BM - White Dove and island is stained SW black (not painted). Floor is dark, wood looking laminate.

We already ordered appliances.. Kenmore Elite - stainless.

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Marji, I do plan to go to the stone yards soon. We first want to finalize the cabinets and stain color. I am getting a bit nervous that we have not yet finalized the kitchen stuff. I was supposed to be done by now. In Regards to appliances the only appliance I am 98% sure of at this point is a Bosch dishwasher (500 or 800 series) We are going appliance shopping this Saturday to finalize the other stuff.

rb24, Really like your inspiration picture and the choice of counters.

We also need finalize our roof choice this week. We are doing concrete tiles.

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rb - very nice inspiration pic!

2 1/2 hours with the KD yesterday going through it with a fine tooth comb and getting sample doors on order for the stains. I hung in pretty good and thought we were making great headway until he mentioned hardware - and my eyes started glazing over.... I guess I need to add that to the list of things to figure out! lol

Appliances - we are likely not going the package route and choosing individually based upon what we like and what's in budget. What I like so far is either a GE or Bosch, GE MW (already have it), kitchen aide refrigerator, bosch or kitchen aid dw. Plus we need to buy a washer and dryer and that will be maybe a fisher and paykel. Time will tell.

Illini - where you you shopping for yours? We have had good luck with Gerrits in Wyoming. We checked out Bekins but the sales guy had us there forever, and I do mean forever. Very nice guy but we really came in to check out 1 thing (a microwave drawer since we'd never seen one first hand) and he gave us the FULL TOUR. We wanted to run away. ;)

marji-what variety of soapstone are you getting? I bought a sample pack from T. Mex. I prefer the more gray to the green.

I need to add counters to my list of things to do. I am totally up in the air there and change my mind frequently. I have many many inspiration photos but they are all quite different. I can't wait to see how my 'style' shakes out. Haha!

Here is one of my inspiration pics. I like the back splash - which is discontinued, sigh. Our cabs are the same shaker style. Our floor is also similar but not as deep of a color. No farmhouse sink. After looking at it I see the white is more crisp and I was going with 'soft white' which is similar to BM white dove. Uh oh. Another thing to ponder.

aries-so the KD had a base cabinet in silas but it was hickory wood and I thought it looked really nice. I might have him order a door sample with a black glaze. ??? Hmm. I think the little sample they have (just the block of wood) looks really washed out but the base cabinet did not.

Whoever asked about more than one pic at a time - open a photobucket account and put your pics in there. Copy the HTML code circled below that is along the right side of the picture and paste it into the body of your message and the pic will appear.

This post was edited by Autumn.4 on Fri, Nov 8, 13 at 8:04

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Akshars, In the FWIW column, I've been told that the "free" dishwasher we're getting with the purchase of our Thermador range is a Bosch 500 series, rebranded with the Thermador label. The steam oven, on my part, is totally an add on, because I love to cook and really want one. It wasn't required for the package.

Re appliances for everyone who's shopping, it's my understanding that all the appliance "packages" will change on January 1, so I'd plan what you want, then actually shop to buy after then to see if what you're buying will fit you into a pkg.
Autumn, if you have more than one GE appliance you should take a look at the pkg's they're offering.
To qualify for the "free" dw with Thermador you need to buy a range, or a cooktop+oven. I'm buying the range, fits much better into my plan. I wanted the Thermador anyway, I looked at a number of ranges and kept coming back to the Thermador. Because the pkg's are changing over, and I'm pretty much married into my choices now, I'm having to buy before Jan 1 and store our appliances until they're ready for install.

Incidentally, I've thought long and hard about it, and have eliminated the microwave in my kitchen. I don't need an expensive appliance to reheat coffee and pop popcorn. Especially since I seem to prefer popcorn done on the stovetop. I put a really nice Dacor microwave into our last house, and I swear all we ever did with it was heat up coffee when it got cold.

We are also putting a wine refrig in the bar area - going with the GE Monogram there. We've had it before, loved it, and want it again.

RB24, That Hanstone is pretty. It'll be a bit of a quieter looking countertop I think than your inspiration pic.

Autumn, I've got that inspiration pic in my folder too! I think I put about 50 white kitchens into my pinterest folder, then took what I liked from several to come up with ours. Some features I knew I wanted I went looking for Inspiration pics to match.
I know that BS is discontinued, but when you get to BS, if you have any budget left - because the stuff is pricey - check out the ming natural stone subway tiles. It'll give you the same look.

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Everyone - looking good!!! Let's get a push on things to beat any winter weather! Wishful thinking. :-)

Our framers have been working hard. They only worked about 2 hours on Wednesday and then got rained out. Yesterday we got lots of rafters installed, part of the vaulted ceilings, and house wrap started. The framer called back one of the workers when I was down there at the end of the day and was explaining that they needed to fix the house wrap on one section. We really like this crew.

Here are our front and rear elevations:

And, here is what we have so far.


Especially excited about the future view of the lake from one of our window seats (minus the piles of dirt, lumber, and mud!).

DH is making our custom cabinets so we had to decide on our kitchen layout and appliances some time ago. The cabinets will be mahogany. Here are the 3D layouts we designed for the cabinets DH is making. We don't have a window in the kitchen, but it is open to the dining area and the family room. Everything is custom. I'd never be able to afford these if he wasn't making them.

I used the appliances that were in the software. Ours will be a bit different. We are having our convection microwave (Bosch) above the electric single wall oven (Bosch) - so it will appear like double-oven. 36" 5-burner gas range (Bosch). We chose a large Kenmore Elite fridge with a double-freezer door.

The island is 8 feet long. It will house a Bosch dishwasher (500 series) and a Kenmore Elite trash compactor.

We picked out our granite slabs before we moved 3 hours north of us. Still waiting on samples from them so I can pick out a back splash eventually.

Framers said they should be done by next Wednesday. Then plumbing and then electric. Also, we are supposed to have a walk through with our rep for all our interior wood doors, beams and trim after the framer is done. We have everything picked out and designed. Just have to double-check any sizes, etc. We are going with stained wood throughout.

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Autumn.4, thanks for the information on the Silas. I've been pondering to long on this kitchen that I think if I ponder anymore it's never going to happen. There's nothing wrong with my kitchen currently except I'm tired of it just like everything else in the house. That's why I'm updating everything in the house.

After the cabinets comes all the rest of the decisions on the rest of the kitchen finishes. I'm dreading those since it took me so long to decide on cabinets.

Good luck with the rest of the decisions in the kitchen and the rest of the house.

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Exterior just about finished except garage doors and back stucco. All drywall complete and hardwood floors installed. Tiling and cabinet installation in progress. I'm so happy with the builders we chose; very particular but also very efficient; started our build in mid-July and I can't believe we're already this far :)
Just hope our black kitchen looks as good as we're picturing it...

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aries-when I go back I'll snap a pic, not sure why I didn't think of it.

renton-I like your black window trim and copper over that window. Very sharp! I am sure your black kitchen will look very nice. I love seeing all of the different combinations that all look so stunning whether they are your specific style or not.

hoosier - very nice view from the window seat. Those are another thing that I think make a home feel so cozy so I am a little jealous of it. ;) It's probably best we don't have one, I am a reader and probably would never leave it and nothing else would get done! Our kitchen layouts are very similar! I just don't have the wall ovens - have cabs there and windows flanking the range instead of cabs. I don't have the drawing yet, we made a couple of changes yesterday. I am having a 12" overhang on the DW side so I can sit and see the boys - the other stools on the back like you show. If I didn't have the overhang I like the drawer stack there - mine is on the other side of the trash instead.

marji-we use the MW daily but you are right - mostly for defrost or reheating a hot beverage or a snack. But we use it enough for those things that I think I'd sorely miss it so it stays! Thanks for the tile pic. We won't have a ton of backsplash so depending on how costly 'pricey' is we may be able to do it. I really like that pic. It has color but it's not overpowering.

Dropped off donuts this morning and they were busy at it. I hope a lot of progress is made. They didn't work Wed/Thurs so every week has been short.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Beautiful renton!!

hoosier, coming right along!

here are pictures from last evening & this morning...
The big wall...
View from front door...
Front view :)

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Getting close now . . . planning to move in the weekend of the 23rd! Finished all the cabinet trim and lights this week and last. Gutters installed, carpet installed cement work done. All that's left is touch ups, final coat on the hardwood, install our reclaimed wood mantel beam, appliances and full clean up.

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We get to move in next weekend! In before Thanksgiving, woo hoo!

Here is a link that might be useful: Our House Blog

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Yay Zone!!! whoop whoop! :)

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Marji, Thanks for the tips on the appliance packages. We are going to the store tomorrow so right on time for me :) Like the back splash tile you have posted.

Autumn, I too have that white kitchen in my ideabook :) I have a lot of kitchens in different styles and that is making hard for me to decide. Hey you are almost done with cabinets so one thing off your list.

Hoosier, House wrap already thats great.You are lucky to have your DH build the cabinets for you. When I told my designer I had wanted to keep the kitchen cabinets budget to under 20K she was like no expect to pay 30K. I don't see spending 30K on kitchen cabinets so will have to comprise a few things. You are going to enjoy the window seat and lake view.

mjwkr, Good luck with the move. everything is looking very nice. Please share more pictures when you can.

Renton, You house is looking good, I also like the window trim.

lori, The wall looks great. Can't wait to to see it with the windows.

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Zone, Great news. I did not realize you were so close to move.
Must be so excited.

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I am so jealous of all these structures that look like houses!
Mj and Zone4, congratulations on being so close to move in. Zone4, I watched your progress slide show! (and I agree about the exclamation points, it is exciting, and maybe someday I'll quit ending every sentence with an exclamation point.) We want to do much the same thing with same placed photos.

mj, your home is beautiful! love the stone face on your kitchen peninsula.

And renton, your home is amazing. I lived a number of years in an old home in Grosse Pointe, and there were lots of homes looking like yours around. Love the style of architecture. It's so nice that you're being true to the style and not putting in a white kitchen.
Autumn, I just looked and I still have photos on my iphone of the ming stone I was considering for bs before we changed out to blue. I'll have to post it on a separate post, as it's on the iphone, but IIRC it was less than $30/sq ft.
This is what my kitchen is ending up looking like.

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Autumn, the company is AllStone
Their website is Terrible, capital T,
But their products are beautiful and their pricing is way less than Alys Edwards, ann sacks, walker zanger and the other big names.
I'm close enough to the tile place here, and am in and out often enough, that if you wanted me to get pics of their other offerings, as you get closer, I'd be happy to.

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Marji-I really like it. I am going to check their site anyhow. Thanks for the offer. As I get closer I might take you up on it.

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We have had our land and our financing arranged since 2006 but for ambiguous reasons my husband and I couldn't commit to beginning the process of our build. Not sure what pushed us over the edge, but recently we decided to JUST DO IT. FINALLY! We had our property lines surveyed this week. Next week clearing starts if weather cooperates. Yippy!

Oh, and picked out a house plan (I posted pics in another thread last night)

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Loving everyone's progress!

Mjwkr - love the white cabinets and doors...makes me excited to see how my white kitchen will turn out. I'm still debating the handle color for kitchen cabinets. I was thinking a brushed nickel look, but your dark handles look great. Hmmm?!?

I'm also excited because 2 of my light fixtures arrived this week that I love.

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OK we are well and truly underway. Received the permit this afternoon.

Asbestos abatement already complete.

The remainder of the demolition starts next week. Ripping out obsolete framing, peeling the roof, siding, remaining windows, existing masonry, etc.

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laurabeth, Welcome and good luck with your build.

rb24, Very cool light fixtures. May I ask where they are from/what they are called.

Caben, Glad to hear your your permit process is done.

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Laurabeth-that is a long wait! Congrats on starting the process!

Caben-congrats to you too.

All interior walls done. No pic because it doesn't really look different from the outside.

Next week should be a good week. Weather looks pretty good.

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The lights are from West Elm and they are called Foxed Mirror Drum pendant and Panorama Chandelier. I think I'm going to do the panorama above the island.

This morning we did our electrical walk-through and made sure we got all our extra special outlets into the plan.

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We sowed grass seeds two weeks ago and it's already very lush!

Two weeks ago:


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[duplicate deleted]

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wow jrldh, your grass is green in November!

rb24, do you mind sharing what you did re special outlets?

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>your grass is green in November!

It's just winter annual ryegrass so it'll die in spring. It for sure beat my expectation on growth rate and green color. I didn't want to buy sod ahead of winter (I'm in Dallas where the main grass is usually some warm season grass that goes dormant in the winter).

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Regarding the outlets, we just wanted to make sure some were in certain places like in the end of the mantel for Christmas lights, base of the stairwell for lights, in the island, inside the master closet, underneath the basement stairs for a little playroom, in the pantry, above the kitchen cabinets, etc

Inspiration for under the stairs playroom. Love this because we have really little kids.

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rb24, Thanks for the info on the lights.

Jrdh, Your grass is looking so lush and green. Amazed that it only took 2 weeks :). House also looks great from what we can see.

On our front we are done with inspection for framing of exterior and roof. They are doing some final framing for the bathroom since we changed some stuff in the master bathroom.
Supposed to start working on plumbing/electrical once framing is done.

We started the shopping for kitchen cabinets and appliances. Hoping to finalize them in the next few days.

Pam (spottythe cat), Not sure if you are still reading this but hope your move went smoothly.

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Everyones houses are looking great! Last months threads were awesome!!!!

I don't think I ever posted some of our finished pictures. Didn't really take a bunch before we move a bunch of our stuff in so I don't have a lot of 'clean' pictures :(

We plan on putting up rails up front along with porch swings and patio furniture. Just waiting for it to go on sale...

Kitchen with all the stuff already on the counters:

Looking from the entry area toward the living area:

Living area with our 2 blade fan. They hadn't picked up the window unit yet.

And of course the required lockers:

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Oh... AND I wanted to thank GW for all the help you guys/gals provided. I didn't post a lot but I lurked a lot ;) and the info was invaluable!!!

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amtrucker - very nice! So glad you came back to post some finished pics. I love the exterior - so crisp! And a lived in kitchen that I think most of us can relate to. :)

Yesterday was another rain day but today the garage was framed and sheeting put up. Tomorrow the second floor will be started, woohoo!

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Good to hear about your progress. How are you finding GCing the job yourself? We are doing that also and it is quite brutal. Have you made most of your kitchen decisions?


Gorgeous house!

What is your counter called? I am also looking for a similar coloured counter top.

Looks good everyone else. Hopefully we will all be at Amtruckers stage sooner rather than later.

As per our build, we finally have some of our in floor heat working (in the basement area). It has been brutal living in the house while building (it was an addition/gut) as we converted from furnace to in floor and went all last winter with only electric heaters and no insulation (we are in Canada).


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jrldh-- we are doing siding like yours-- I hope I didn't miss any other pix! I want to see more...

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Thanks for the compliments. :) I wish I had some of the upgrades that some of the houses on here have!

@ OntarioMom - the granite is called Top Star. Here is a picture of one of the slabs. I think we ended up with 3 slabs.

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Carol-It has not been terrible, the things that we have handled so far. The trouble comes in when you don't know what you don't know until oops. So that is frustrating. I feel like we are organized. But even with framing or for example say the vent hood, I have no idea if it goes out through the back or through the roof or... Stuff like that. I can totally relate to your kitchen post about hand holding....maybe even some hugs would be in order too, lol!

I think there is a problem with the load bearing beam in the kitchen. It may look like we have a bulk head, GREAT. I need KD to measure and then we get creative??? It's the wall we recessed for the fridge but maybe we need to ditch that. I haven't picked appliances yet. My clipped inspirations all have countertops that are out of budget, so yeah, it's been challenging. :). Framers are on a roll with weather but thery are hunters so we lose Friday. GCing so far is a mixed bag. I guess I thought all along it would be. It will all work out in the end, right!?!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

House wrap is going on...beautiful yellow color.. lol :)

Plumbing rough & HVAC rough this weekend/beg next week...

Framing continuing. Discovered last night that I have a cool place for a plant shelf over our back door. I kinda had that in mind, but forgot about it. Talked to builder this am, he said YEP! good deal :) lol

I'm trying to catch small things, and think of everything. Not easy is it? I just sent him a message about blocking for grab bars in the Master Bath. I might as well put them in now...

my current favorite picture....

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Lori-I can see why it's your fav! Blue sky, autumn leaves and golden crops! Just wait unit next year when you can snap a pic of your finished house with that back drop!

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amtrucker, Your house looks great.

Lori, Beautiful picture and scene. The house looks nice with the yellow wrapper and the balck roof :)

Carol (OntorioMom), Glad to see you have heating. Hopefully you will be at the finish line soon, I see you are pikcing kitchen stuff now. Good luck with that.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Thanks all :) That was the first time we could see it from the drive/road. After the corn was out. All my beautiful corn... Oh well, there will be more next year. DH has decided to forego the usual corn/bean rotation and just plant corn every year in our field! yay :)
For now I will enjoy the view!

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edited the post.

Not sure why it posted twice.

This post was edited by akshars_mom on Wed, Nov 13, 13 at 12:32

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lori_inthenw, I sent you an email via your profile with more siding details.

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amtrucker, beautifully done! You have a lot of upgrades that I can see. You have transom windows on each of the first floor windows, which, since we're doing it, I know is significant in the upgrade dept. And you have the mantel hood over the range instead of a stock stainless, and tile flooring in your kitchen.
IOW, you have a beautiful home, nicely appointed and well done. Please enjoy it!

loribug, what a lovely picture. All warm harvest and sunset, gives one a feeling of plenty.

We are in the middle of a cold snap and have experienced gale force winds. Given that we live on a boat which is currently tied up to a dock in a marina on the Beaufort River in SC, and last night we lost power to the marina, while clocking 55mph winds, and it got down to the high 30's last night,...just say I'm glad we have a down comforter and that the sun came out today. It's still blowing and cold. I'm wearing fleece and a hat and mittens. It's going to be a long winter living on the boat while we build this house.
If we were still in Michigan the boat would be safely out of the water and in the barn at Eldean in Holland. And if we weren't building this winter, and if our youngest weren't getting married in April, we'd be on our way to the Bahamas right now.
Sigh. But I truly can't wait to get into my house. ;)

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Just to let you know we are only about half way done so no end in sight for us LOL. The heat was turned on before insulation as we are living in the house (addition not new build). I wish the end was in sight! We are partway done electrical rough in and plumbing rough in. It is just the heating that is ahead.


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We've been very, very busy here in MO. I was hoping to get my brick done before it got too cold but it wasn't to be. Here are some random shots... First off the door I picked out. it isn't stained yet. I'm hoping when we stain it dark brown it will pop. I love the transom.
a href="" target="_blank">

Here is a picture of the well drillers finishing up the geo wells. Our water well went 385' and he told me he thought it was one of the better wells he has drilled in a while. I had to have 5 separate wells drilled. The geo wells had to total 750' to meet specs...

Here is the back of the house. The contractor is getting ready to pour the back upper patio and the suspended concrete deck. After that is all done we'll get a roof on the screened-in and we'll be completely sewn up.

I saved my favorite for last. This is our view from our great room. I can't wait to watch the barges and boats going up and down the river. I'm also looking forward to seeing the bald eagles flying the river this winter. I have a lot of folks telling me to cut the trees but I'm not going to. I love the fall colors and the river will be in plain view for 6 months out of the year. The rest of the time it will be oaks and maples...

Good luck to everyone. I hope I can start posting up some interior pictures before long. This has been such a roller coaster ride... at times very fun and other times pretty scary.


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saftgeek - wow! The door is spectacular - and that view from the back even more so! Awesome! I agree with your assessment of the process. ;)

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Beautiful home, Saftgeek! Love your door, wall of windows, and your view!

Mlweaving, are you seasick? Those winds sound horrible.

Carol, I cannot imagine living in the house with your renovation. Just walking inside ours while the guys stapled the roofing felt on yesterday was maddening. :-)

Lori, love love love your house in the middle of corn fields! It's looking great. I think the yellow house wrap just added to the autumn scene! :-)

Autumn, sorry about the rain delays. But it looks like your house is taking shape.

We are also GCing along with our SIL and daughter and using our SIL's parents commercial construction company. It has its advantages and disadvantages. As prepared as I thought we were there are so many things that come up. Just yesterday the roofer called to verify roofing materials we had ordered and asked about white drip edge. We have no white on the house. Well, since the materials were being delivered today, we had to go down to roofing company and pick up sample colors and take to where we are buying our hardie board and trim to match up drop edge with facia color. This was one sample I discovered I didn't have. Then back to roofing place to give them info. Just stuff like that. :-)

The framers think they will be done today. They put in some long days this week. Today's punch list is build the fireplace structure, one closet, framing for two vaulted flat ceilings, install windows and one exterior door. We ordered our front door pre finished so they will come back and install it before siding goes up.

Here's what the house looked like yesterday before it got too dark.



I also picked up sample doors for bathrooms yesterday. We made a decision to go with hickory with a brandy wine stain with a touch of black in it. It blends in great with the mahogany cabinets DH is building and granite. Now I have to take door and granite samples to tile place and make sure what I picked there matches. And, DH has agreed to let the cabinet guy give us a quote for the window seats. DH said he'd make them but he's running out of time and if I wait for him we might not have them until years after moving in.

Never ending! Sure glad we are retired. Can't imagine trying to do this while working.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Hoosier...that's why we aren't GC'ing our own. So glad I have someone I can trust to do it for me, even if it isn't my daddy, which I always thought it would be. He's just 2 hrs away and still driving a school bus, so not enough time to do it all. Close enough though, his son dates our daughter :)

WE HAVE WINDOWS!! whoop whoop :) I barely made it before dark last night, so I snapped a few inside with my flash. I'll get outside views tonight!

I totally had a brain freeze and forgot to order my exterior doors. I knew I was supposed to do that when windows were ordered, but I just totally forgot. So they're going on order today or tomorrow depending on if I can afford what I picked out.

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Saftgeek & Lori (and anyone else with recently installed windows) . . . the framers are installing our windows as I type this. Most are already in. Anyway, the framer said to take off all the stickers on the windows ASAP. The longer they are on there, the sun bakes them on and it takes forever to take off. SIL attested to that and says they had a devil of a time getting theirs off later. So, DH is down there removing all the screens and storing them and taking off all the stickers.

I'm glad DH is always around. The framers built the garage windows too large and so had to re-frame that area. They were planning on using some osb and DH said he didn't want them to use that. So he planed some wood for them that was cut to fit the area. :-)

Lori - love all your windows!

Framer called me back down there to determine the height of our master bedroom flat part of the ceiling. After seeing where it is going in the room, now I'm tempted to do something in that flat area. We weren't putting any beams because we have a king heavy wood canopy bed and I think it would be too much as we are doing all stained trim. Hmmmmm. I'm off to houzz to be tempted.

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Thank you mlweaving, they are all mid-level upgrades, overall we are extremely happy with how things turned out. Would of love to have done more but can not complain about what we got!

saft- love your door and your view! Looks great!

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Looks great hoosiers and lori! I keep showing my DH and saying seeeee, they started the SAME time we did!!!!???? Grrr! My new saying instead of "it is what it is" is "Rome wasn't built in a day", because I swear it's taking long enough you'd think it was as difficult as Rome, lol!

The second floor is supposed to be framed today but a light crew so ??? More rain in the forecast this weekend. The first floor took on too much rain (as in 4-5"). We may need to sand it. :(

juju-how are you doing on the lake? Is the weather okay? It's windy too so I can only imagine that wind right on the water. Brrr!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Good Idea on the window stickers, I've heard that before, thanks for reminding me!!

I think Hoosier is about to catch up & pass us! wow... :)

Autumn, I know fighting the weather sucks. I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to get all the leaves out of the house that are now trapped... from it being open while they were all falling off!

amtrucker, love the countertops!

saftgeek, what a beautiful view! I have trees people keep asking if we're going to take down b/c they are close to the back of the house. I say "Stay AWAY from my trees!!!"

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haven't checked this thread in a while,
We have been into Bekins (Jack-ha! same story with him), and there is a Gerritt's on this side of town too. We may check out Laninga's (sp?) too. Both Bekins and Gerritt's carry the rangetop we want, but I'm undecided on the fridge and they don't carry the same brands so that may make my choice for me (Gerritt's has GE-I'm looking at the Cafe, and Bekin's has KA, which I also liked). I am almost for sure set on the ovens being Electrolux, which only Gerritt's has. Microwaves are completely a toss up (I have no idea how to pick one of those).

I'll post an update with pics later today, but the footings went in yesterday and the forms went up today and the walls should be poured tomorrow (weather dependent I heard it's supposed to rain). We had the landscaper out there to look at our grade as we are making a pretty good grade out the back for the walkout. But he said it's mowable and doesn't need retaining walls so it should be ok once we pretty it up with some plantings.

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I cannot believe how much has gone on out on our hill in the past 2 months! They broke ground on Sept 16th and it's been a whirlwind ever since. Windows went in late last week….

(We have since taken the stickers off… couldn't stand looking at them! Glad someone mentioned taking screens out, we hadn't thought of that.)

This afternoon, we were surprised when we got there to see that the guys had just started on the roof.

The sun goes down so early now…. by the time we went in and talked to the electrician a bit, chatted with the neighbor, and checked out the newly poured concrete in the basement, it was nearly dark!

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lori-we have trapped leaves too. :) Sounds like a perfect job for my kiddos but we have to get out there before dark to do it!

hoosiers-thanks for the window sticker tip. Have you ever tried backing soda (as a paste)? It really does a great job and a lot less elbow grease!

illini-yes Jack was a hoot. I like the Bosch or GE profile gas ranges but not so much the KA, Bosch or KA dishwasher and thinking the KA fridge. I'm not sure that GE has good reviews with DW. I think I'll go to Gerrit's tomorrow and see what they've got. It's been a while. We had a GE OTR MW and really liked it so when we needed a counter or shelf model I bought another GE. I was used to the buttons and how it worked so we stuck with it. But not sure if you want a speed oven/mw combo. Those I know absolutely nothing about.

carol-love all those windows in that great room. You are moving right along at quite a clip there!

Too dark by the time we got out there to take pics today. I'd say about half of the upstairs is framed and the rest of the lumber and trusses were delivered. KD came out and took measurements and marked out the kitchen on the floor. I really like it and THAT was exciting to see - even if by sharpie on the floor. :)

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Went out to our build site this evening. Got there just after sunset, so had to snap pics quick.
We have walls!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Yay marji! :)

Carol, love the prairie mullions... I started to do that, but just went with the old stand by b/c that's what I'm used to. :)

Autumn, I think I'm going to sharpie in my kitchen this weekend :) KD is going to come out soon to measure, but I have preliminary drawings from the plans she's already done.

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Carol (OntarioMom), I have been following your journey here. It is amazing that you are able to do so much work on the house while living in the house. I think once the kitchen is done you will start feeling better about the end.

Saftgeek, Great progress. Love all your windows.

Lori, You are moving along fast. all exterior is wrapped up and windows in.

Hoosiers, Thanks for the tip on the window stickers. We are supposed to get them end of November. You are moving along great to.

Marji, Great to see framing on your hous.e You will soon have a farming completed and it will start looking like a house :)

Autumn, Sorry about the weather delays you have been having. Glad to hear framing on second story is moving along.

On our end They have started rough plumbing and we are supposed to receive roof samples today so we check and decide on the roof.

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Thanks for your thoughts Autumn and Hoosiers on your Owner/builder journeys. GCing your own build is a stressful, slow journey for sure. It is good to hear that others are working through the process too. Are there any others on this post who are GCing their own projects?


You are quite right that getting the kitchen decisions and cabinet ordering behind us will be a huge weight off our shoulders. I will say that the delays in making kitchen layout decisions costs us months of delays.


Today we are pouring footings in our front to install our natural stone steps (concrete block stringers go in Monday). I will post a picture once the steps are installed. It will sure make a difference as our house will have 5 steps to get to the front door and the front door has looked odd without the steps. After the steps go in the exterior will be 95% done (just need to do landscaping and the railings around balcony and steps). The inside is just studs and some rough-ins done so lots to do and decide there.


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We had a full house Friday. The framing crew, the large roofing crew, visits from HVAC guy, plumber, cabinet distributor, and insulation guy. Poor DH was so busy this week that he barely worked on our cabinets.

The framers finished about noon Friday. They will come back and install front door and exterior laundry room door when those come in. The roofers finished before dark. I don't have a photo of the finished roof but have one I snapped while they were working.

Here is my favorite pic so far on the interior of the house - framed out fireplace to be flanked by two window seats. It also shows the shape of our family room ceiling.

DH and I spent several hours yesterday cleaning the inside of house - sweeping and vacuuming sawdust and picking up nails/screws with a magnet thingy. Then we laid out and marked the kitchen cabinets on the floorboards. Today we have to do the same for the kitchen island, laundry and bathrooms. The plumber and HVAC guys start on Monday. Our high efficiency fireplace is being installed on Thursday and electrician will probably start Friday if plumber is done. Things are moving!!!!

DH is driving me nuts. Now he thinks we should only have one window seat, the one on the left of the fireplace. He thinks the right one will close the room in too much. I'm all about symmetry. I always envisioned both seats. What do you think?

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marji-looking good! I know the sun goes down so fast there is hardly time to get out there to snap pics after school pick up/work! I was just browsing that Ming tile you posted. We don't have that much backsplash so I think pricey as it is it would possibly be doable. Have you seen that one in person? Does it read GREEN or is it more subtle? I went back splash browsing IRL on Friday. There is much to see. I think I saw a lot more modern stuff in terms of shape though which I don't like as much.

hoosier-I am a huge reader (when I have time) and love window seats so I'd be fine with 2! However- I have seen many on houzz where there was just one and it looked okay...I thought I had them clipped and I don't! Drat! I am partial to symmetry too so I know what you mean. Very cool ceiling. It's coming right along.

Carol-95% for the outside - that's awesome! What is your timing for the inside? I can bet the kids would think living at the house during renovation would be a cool first. I am sure on the parent front not so much!

Visitors - I'll have to finish posting later - appliance shopping on Friday as well.

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Hi Autumn,

We really pushed to get the outside done as the neighbours were tired of the eyesore. Living in a house under extreme renovation has been highly stressful for my four kids. They are sharing a room all together in the basement. Living through last winter without proper heat was hell for all. If I knew how bad this would have been or how long it would drag out I would not have built an addition. However, hindsight is 20 20 and we have to finish what we started.


I would vote for keeping the two window seats. It will look awesome in that room.


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Carol-I am so sorry. I hope in the end it will be worth the agony. You are right, what else can you do but keep going to get to the other side. I can't imagine no heat source-especially in CANADA!!! What won't kill you will make you stronger? ((Hugs)).

Lori-did you get your sharpie kitchen in? :)

On our front-dh framed in the fireplace. Hoping for a full weeks work starting tomorrow. Severe storms right now.

I chose appliances on Friday. We ended up with Kitchen Aid since the majority of what I liked was KA. I think we saved more that way. Illini-Gerrits quoted what Bekins did identically and came in several hundred less and didn't charge for installation. Just food for thought. They said warranty starts upon delivery so we can put money down to secure pricing and not worry about having the warranty clock ticking before install.

It seems every time I make a major decision baking and eating closely follow... :/

Stay safe Midwestern builders!

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Hoosier, I too vote for two window seats. I love symmetry too.
Cool ceilings. You are moving right along. They did the roof very fast.

Autumn, Did you decide induction or Gas for the range. Did you order your cabinets.
Hope the storms pass you all soon.

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akshars-Hmm, gas BUT after I read your note I checked and KA does have an induction range - freestanding. I am thinking we should choose gas because we do lose power out there but I am very tempted by the induction. I just wish it was a slide in. So I will likely stick with the gas because of that (but I did just email the sales rep for a quote on the induction). How about you? I am waiting on door samples to select the stain for the island and then I will be ready to order. I hope they come in this week!

What is everyone doing for refrigeration? DH wants a french door but I think I would be okay with a bottom freezer single door. We don't need water/ice in the door because we will have a spicket at the sink. Our aisle will be plenty wide. ??

Spent a stormy yesterday making fishtail bracelets with my boys. I guess they are all the rage at school and I was happy to craft since I don't get that chance much with them being boys. :)

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Hope all of you building in the Midwest weathered yesterday's storms ok.
Hoosier, add my vote for symmetry and 2 window seats.

Autumn, the pic I posted Nov 8 was taken w my iPhone and is pretty true.
Are your settings set so that you can receive email? I'm going to send you an offline msg.

Carol, don't be surprised if your kids grow up to buy and renovate their own houses. I believe there is a genetic propensity, no matter how uncomfortable the situation gets while you're living in it growing up.
Hope you solve your step issue.

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Someone asked who is GCing. We are, and that is the reason I am not on here more! We piled drywall pieces up yesterday. The drywallers are going to haul them off, but we didn't want them throwing them out a window. They have started taping and will be doing that for the next few days. I haven't taken any new pics... I should. I realized that I need my paint colors picked out, as in yesterday. So I am frantically trying to find ideas and get it narrowed down to a few instead of a few hundred, so I can get samples. Lori - your build is flying along!
Trucker - love your porch! And what kind of floors are those. They are beautiful.
Saftgeek - love the wall of windows.


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After much research on the fridge purchase, we bought a Liehber fridge. It has two bottom freezer drawers, and a single door. On the kitchen forum, many like the French door fridge. In order to load and unload our fridge, a single door made more sense. Figure out where you fridge landing space is as that will help you figure out what style of fridge door you might want (if landing space is to one side a single door is practical; if landing space is across to an island the French doors are good.

We got our Liehber fridge as a floor model so allowed us to afford a higher end fridge. It is hard to find good reviews on fridges as many of them don't last long these days (they aren't built like the used to be). The Liebher fridge is quite well rated.


Too funny about the kids wanted to renovate someday. I could see that with one or two of the four -- the ones who are more into the adventure than the other 2. Hopefully, the memory of the cold last winter won't stay with them too vividly.


I asked about who else was GCing. It is good to know who else has taken on that role. Sounds like you are making good progress if you are at the drywall stage.


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Lots of progress for us since framing started! The basement framing is done and most of the main floor framing is done. The back and front walls went up over the weekend and the big ridge beam is being installed today (Juju--fortunately, they will be able to fix the damage, so we don't have to replace it and hold up the job). They will work on the roof framing this week and hope to be done with framing the end of next week. It is starting to look like a house!!! :)

Here is a pic of the back wall:

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And here is a pic of the front.

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Hope all the Midwest builders are doing well. I did not realize that there was a Tornado.

Autumn, I am also leaning towards gas as that is what I am used to and we want a 36 inch and the option in induction and 36 inch is very few and available only in the expensive brands. In regards to the fridge we are going with a french door with no ice/water dispenser on the door. I really was tempted by the builtin Bosch but we are already going to be over our cabinet budget so need to watch out here. So we will be doing a counter depth french door mostly from Electrolux.

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Carol - OH NO - we have landing space on the island across AND to the left! Such problems huh?. ;)

jennybc-good to see yet another! I am sure when we get to the time that we actually have stuff WE are doing my time will be spent painting and putting down flooring 24/7.

mommy-another spectacular view!

mlweavingmarji-thank you. :)

akshars-at my house we will be learning on the gas stove together. My boys do like to cook even though it's mostly eggs right now. The french door we had quoted doesn't have ice water in the door but it has an internal dispenser which I think my kids would make a mess of so I might not hook it up! There isn't an option without the internal water in french. We recessed our fridge so we can still get the standard depth and save a few dollars there.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Luckily the bad weather split & went north & south of us. But lots of damage all over the state I'm afraid.

I didn't get my sharpie kitchen in :( I wasn't very productive this weekend at all.. now I have a sick kiddo :(

Ordered exterior doors... I may have already said that, I can't remember sh!t. :)

HVAC supposed to start Tues/Weds. Electrician sometime this week too I hope.

Gotta go pick out tub/shower insert asap.

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lori-lol! No worries - I think we can all relate to the memory issues. I call my 11 year old my external hard drive because I too can't remember anything. I hope your kiddo gets better fast and that it doesn't spread to the rest of you. Tis the season. :(

Picked out tubs/showers today (got a call at work and you know all my paperwork is at HOME). I guess they come tomorrow for rough in? Glad I already knew what I wanted AND that they were stock items. Geesh!

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lori, Sorry to hear about the sick Kiddo. Hopefully he/she feels better soon. We have something going on here also. Both me and my son have bad cold.

Autumn, Thats great that you could recess the fridge. We thought of doing ti but it did not work because of where it was located. I had a couple of questions about your painted cabinets (I saw couple of your threads on the kitchen forum). are the painted cabinets going to be mdf or painted maple? Also are you upgrading to plywood boxes or going with particle board. I am debating this right now. I need to make the selections this week if we want the cabinets on time.

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akshars-fridge worked but we do need to pull the base cabs forward 6" so it will make our counter deeper there (short side of L). Cabs: My husband was adamant that we have plywood and for the kitchen they are painted maple and the stained island I think we are going with alder. The doors and drawer fronts are solid wood EXCEPT for painted. They use MDF for a better finish i.e. less issues with paint cracking at seams due to natural swell and retraction of wood with season change. I linked the cab construction details below.

For the baths/laundry I am okay doing some MDF and frameless - its less expensive and the rooms are not as high use. I am having those rooms quoted by Shiloh (kitchen place) and another lesser line and then we'll go from there. Shiloh is 7 week lead time and the other brand is 3. I hope that helps. It is so stressful!

Here is a link that might be useful: Shiloh Cabinet Construction

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Thanks for the details Autumn. The kitchen cabinet selection has been very stressful for me to. My husband hates painting wood so we have been struggling with how to go about it when I was a painted look. We are doing built-ins/window seats also in the great room/dinning which are all open to each other. I do not want that many stained cabinets as it will darken the place. So I think we are finally at the compromize where we are doing the uppers and built-ins in white and the base cabinets and the island in cherry.
I like the look of frame less or inset cabinets so thinking of going with frameless.

Struggling with the particle board/Plywood. I want the plywood but the KD says it is actually stronger so why would you pay the upgrade since we are concerned about the budget.

For your doors is the whole door maple or is it maple is the frame and the center of the door mdf.
Again the KD says MDF is better finish not sure what to do here.

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akshars-I know I know - my kd said the same thing about strength but husband isn't buying it so plywood it is. Our last cabs were plywood and held up really well so that's where he's coming from and wants to stay. The company we chose doesn't do mdf boxes so I didn't have to worry so much once we chose the cab mfg but overall it is more expensive (10% most places I quoted).

I believe our door frame is maple and the center is mdf. I think that is pretty common from the several kd's I've talked to. So even if you do MDF boxes the doors/drawers are upgraded to solid wood BUT with paint the center panel is MDF for better finish. That made sense to me.

We were gung ho for inset but got spooked thinking of the adjustment it may needed at seasons change due to wood swell and shrink. If the 'gap' was misaligned and looking uneven it would drive me NUTS. Our house is humidity controlled but I know from our last one that in the summer things still did swell (we had a couple pull outs that would rub a little in the summer) and then shrink (had a few spindles in the banister that would get loose). So anyhow - we decided not to do it even though we LOVE the look and that's how we started down the Shiloh road in the first place as inset was not an up-charge.

Note: Inset cabinets are framed. They cannot be frameless. They are in-set into the frame to get that gorgeous look. We are doing framed full overlay since dh was leery of frameless.

Same design issues here regarding built-ins, kitchen cabs, paint, stain, flooring, and trying to mix it all tastefully and keep it light. Oy.

The painted and cherry combination sound really nice. I think they will go great together. I know I saw a recent kitchen like that on kitchens but I can't remember who's it was! If it comes to me I'll post it.

Be sure to post what you end up with!

This post was edited by Autumn.4 on Mon, Nov 18, 13 at 20:08

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Autumn, Thanks for "listening" to me and sharing your thought process while I try to make these choices. I can't discuss a lot of these things with friends as they would not understand all the these details.

My husband also would prefer plywood as that is what we had previously.

For the color choices I am shooting for something like this

Contemporary Kitchen by Hopkins Architects & Designers Kuhl Design Build LLC

Traditional Kitchen by San Francisco Architects & Designers TRG Architects

I will surely keep you posted on what we end up with.

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I don't understand the logic for disliking particleboard in furniture. It is a LOT more dimensionally accurate than plywood so it makes for a more accurate final product. Go to HD or Lowes and check out their plywood and their particleboard (or MDF). Which of those is flatter and more even?

There's a reason (and it's not money) why ultra-high end modern kitchen cabinets are made of particleboard and not plywood.

What do you all do with furniture that would make plywood a better product than particleboard? The only time I had particleboard furniture damage was when an aquarium leaked (and that would also have warped plywood or solid wood).

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Jrdh, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the particle board vs plywood. The KD was saying something similar. I think it is just what we used before and comfortable with but we may choose particle board in the end.

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akshars-love those pics. What kind of flooring are you doing-have you already chosen it?

I have read also about good quality and bad quality in both particle board and plywood. There is so much information out there that you don't even know exists until you have to start shopping for it. So - I can related to the can't really talk to my friends comment as well. All of my friends that have built somewhat recently went the custom route so yet again all pywood...I didn't have anyone's to look at to compare.

A catalog and pictures just aren't enough to go from and many of the displays I saw were you guessed it - upgraded to plywood or the lower end that weren't great quality anyhow. It's frustrating and overwhelming. My mind tells me MDF would be okay but there is the nag of well what if it isn't and you spent all of this money on an unknown because we have no personal experience with it. Not helpful but that was my thought process. Good luck.

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OMG....I disappear for 3 weeks...busy moving...and BANG! Tons of houses becoming homes! Lots of houses that were just slabs...have, walls, windows etc!!! So glad to see so much progress! Enjoy the ride because it will be over before you know it!

I am still moving things from our old house...lived there 13 years and lots of junk to dig through...a slow process, but sooo much decluttering feels great!

Many of you emailed me to know if my house was on Houzz...well, it finally is!

go to and in the search box type in Konkol...there are several photos of my home, The Nantucket.

I will keep watching the progress of your homes! Go with you gut and get the things that mean the most to you...although we think we will change things out later, but you probably won't!

Moving is tougher than building!!! just my opinion:)


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Although things are moving depressingly slowly here, there was a major milestone- we sold our old house! The closing was today, so we are now technically homeless. Considering the FL housing market, we are feeling lucky indeed to have had a quick sale. It also frees up some money for the new house, and we no longer have a mortgage!

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spotty-glad you stopped in! Moving IS the pits! Since we are renting we get to do it twice. It will be worth it though. :)

mushcreek-great news, sold house and no mortgage! That is awesome. Enjoy and hopefully things will pick up for you on the building front. You are on to inside work now yes?

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Pam, Great to see you post. Yes moving is hard I have moved twice this year and will need to move again after the house is done. are you enjoying your beautiful views. Great pictures on Houzz.

Mushcreek, Good news on selling the house and being mortgage free. Hopefully things will start moving fast.

Autumn, We are going to with white oak floors. Debating between whether to stain them or leave them as is. The floors will be site finished and we can choose any stain.
Meant to ask you what is the lead time for your cabinets once you order. KD we are leaning towards is saying it is usually 7 to 8 weeks but to expect 8 to 10 weeks because of the holiday :(. We were hoping to get cabinets by mid Jan but looks like it will be end of Jan now :(. we hope to finish the house by mid march.

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akshars-7 weeks is what we were told but I don't have sample doors yet so I can't make a choice and actually place the darn order (my fault - waited too long to make a decision on who to use). Our timing is very similar. We are hoping to be moving over spring break!

No pictures because it doesn't look much different from the outside but we should have a roof on by Friday. Yippeeeee!

Where is everyone at on lighting? Have you already chosen what you want for any pendants or chandeliers?

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We are in! We're not unpacked enough for photos, but it's nice to be settling in after almost 11 months of temporary housing. It's too late to plant grass, so we're hoping for a hard freeze and some snow cover to contain the mud that is our yard.

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Better sneak in my post before this sucker fills! Such a busy month. Spent nearly 2 weeks at the location of our build (doing this long distance) and it was go go go the entire time. Not too many pics to share in the eye candy department but Electrical is happening, Hvac is mostly done, stone is on order (with 2 weeks worth of delays to due product availability >Picked out our granite this trip, Titanium for the Kitchen. Saci for the Laundry. Groin vault in our Master bedroom was a showstopper, every tradesman that walked into the place had to comment on it. Back deck windows looking out on the woods, unfortunately the center transom was sized wrong and has to come out and be replaced, but it still looks pretty good
Great progress this month all!

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