How has collaging (or crafting) helped you grow? Please share...

lesleyhereFebruary 28, 2007

I have been searching the web for crafting ideas that would help me grow both as a person and as a crafter. I have learned that Rosie O'Donnell always has great things to say about the personal benefits of collaging.

In this story, a woman who was rapidly losing confidence in herself as a person, came to find strength in a collage.

That got me thinking. Does anyone else have such stories about collaging or any kind of craft?

Please share...

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sorry, no stories but I have always felt that crafting is a form of therapy for me, I can lose myself in a project for hours while the rest of the world goes by.
guess thats why I dont get into the selling part of crafting, then it would become a job!
Happy Crafting

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I became a Mom at 19 and suddenly my world changed overnight almost (he came 8 weeks premature). We only had one vehicle and DH worked 10 hour days with a 45 min commute. I was literally stuck at home ALL day.

I spent my days taking care of Shane, cleaning, preparing meals, watching tv, writing letters to old friends and talking on the phone with my grandmother. It became old and boring quite fast! LOL

When DS was about 9 months old, I decided to pick up a ceremic village and paint that for Christmas. I gave it a shot and I found I LIKED painting and they turned out better than I expected! I was soon hooked. I found myself at Ames and Wal-Mart buying up all sorts of ceremic and wooden projects to paint (They don't have that type of stuff like they used to!). I then realized that I could keep myself busy and happy AND decorate the house so I started painting larger items and refinishing hand-me-downs and all sorts of stuff.

Over the years, I have learned to do more type of crafts, have learned new techniques to use, gotten more confidence and I just keep on going.

I know crafting has helped me in big ways! Each project I complete that turns out well, boosts my self esteem. I feel so wonderful about myself...that I can come up with something in my head and give it a shot and it works! I love making items for others and seeing the smile it brings to their faces or hearing people say, "YOU made that?!" because I myself never thought it would be possible! LOL

Crafting has definitely been a great stress reducer for me. I have been home now for almost 8 years April 12 8 years, two kids later...I'm still a SAHM and loving it. I still don't leave the house all that often and we've had two vehicles for the last 7 years. I can be at home for days and not really care, as long as I get some "me" time doing my crafts! :)

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As kind of a neurotic perfectionist type (:-) ) , crafting has allowed me to absolutely see how well trial and error can work to make something better, and not be so darned uptight about getting it right the first time. Plus when it works, there's that quiet sense of accomplishment that goes along with knowing something wasn't easy, but struggling through it anyway.

Like Oddie, I don't make things to sell. I do give them as gifts sometimes, or use them for a specific purpose in my own house. I think I'd be bored quickly if I had to crank out a certain number of the same item as part of a business. I give huge, huge credit to people who do that so well.


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Oh I agree with the therapy part that is for sure. When nothing else can calm me or help me work through problems I can take it out on some unsuspecting craft

I do sale my handcrafted goods but it's not why I craft, it just happens to be a wonderful happenstance. I usually try out new ideas and items for gifts to friends and family. Then it all snowballs from there.

I very rarely keep anything for myself..if I do I don't keep it long I end up giving it away.

I'm quite the perfectionist as well when it comes to my work so I have a lot of stuff that hits the trash can or goes into the "take it a part for something else" pile.


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This is great to hear. I don't think I would want to sell my crafts either. Especially if they come to be a personal therapy for me; it would be a creation almost too difficult to let go of. I think the collage that the woman made in the story that I linked up above is something she will never get rid of. Actually, I just went back and read the story again, and in the end she mentions that the collage is hanging in her home!

I found another story about this topic exactly. It discusses whether selling your craft is like selling your soul.

Here is a link that might be useful: crafting and your soul

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I don't sell my stuff, either. I get harassed and hounded by family and friends all the time because they feel I could really make some money off of my stuff. They don't get that I wouldn't make what it was really worth and to make a good amount, I would be so bogged down trying to fill orders. It just wouldn't be fun anymore!

I enjoy using the items I make in my home or giving them as gifts. I don't just give things to anyone, though. I have to know it's something they'll love and use.

I know one thing if my SIL doesn't STOP mentioning the dang tiles I painted for her and how everyone likes them and wants some, I might flip a nutty. I think she's telling people I will make them for them. She kept mentioning to me that we have to go to their house warming party because others will want to meet me! Oh, please! @@ Her home is not an art gallery and I'm not some up and coming artist! LOL

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Sweet98, it sounds like you've gotten that other side of the coin where family is perhaps, in fact, TOO supportive. And that maybe your sister-in-law is a budding agent or middle man in-training. :-) It's got to be frustrating.

Stick to your guns, so your crafting remains what you want it to be.

Do you have any photos of your painted tiles? It would be lovely to see what you've been up to.


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Hi Sweet 98,

This is a funny side of crafting that I didn't think of when I first started this thread. Thanks for expanding it with your imput. Did you like the article I linked to?

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Crafting has definately turned me from a shy , boring person to a self assured , happy person. Before I Started crafting - I had no friends - no hobbies . DH always had his friends - went hunting & fishing and I sat home alone. I started tole painting at the local community center. I got to be the teacher. A large hobby store recruited me to teach. I met my best friend there - we got into crafting together doing everything from trade shows to craft fairs.
I started working at a stained glass studio - learned how to do glasswork and quit and went on my own. I met a lady that owns the glass store ,we clicked and now she buys from me and I teach there. Whew ...what a carreer ! I've done so much and met so many people now - I'm 100% different than I was years ago thanks to crafting !

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thrift shop romantic,
My SIL is just a little slow at this. She JUST realized that I had talent, I guess you could say. They heard that I painted and made things but I guess she thought I made junk? They only came to our house about twice years ago until last summer and then she saw that my house wasn't that bad!

Oh there can be a lot of interesting sides to crafting! LOL Things you never thought of.

Have you started your collaging yet or at least found something that interests you?

Here is a link to my post over at the Decorative and Tole Painting forum where I posted my tiles at when I painted them....

Here is a link that might be useful: Tiles

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I am new to your group. I love making things with my children. I started a blog about it a while back and ...well it's grown. It seems that I am not the only person who likes to make things with their children.
Your more then welcome to check it out. I post pictures and video's on how we do some of our projects. Here is my address

Here is a link that might be useful: knitting, horses, and my family

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This was a very helpful link, thank you

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I should have also added in my earlier post that I feel that crafting with my children helps us grow closer together. They learn to do something new and I do too.

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

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