Need help finding ornament clips

judythecrafterFebruary 7, 2009

Hi, does anyone know where I might get the spring type clip, the ones that are used to clip glass birds on a Christmas tree. I know Blumchen has them but they don't ship to Canada. Thanks, Judy

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hmm - 'alligator' clips (electrical section of hardware store) might have a bit too much bite for decorative things, but I've seen similar things for paper at the stationary stores.

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I have been looking for these also - they are darned hard to find. I looked at the alligator clips but they are quite long - at least the ones I could find. They also have an extension on one side of them to put wires in which makes them quite big. Arlene

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OK I've been searching all over tonight - go to google and type in badge clips. Check ebay too. Would these work? They might for me.

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Thanks to everyone who responded to my request,my sister is in the US looking for them and if all else fails I will get one of my nephews in New Jersey to get them from Blumchen and send them to me.

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