Crochet A Fabric And Pearl Bracelet

kudzukweenFebruary 20, 2010

i used a scarf i had and cut a strip off of it, and cut a portion off of a pearl necklace that fit around my wrist. use single crochet around each bead. looks just like the braided one, but only one strip of fabric to use! i tied it on with the loose ends :D


Here is a link that might be useful: kudzu's blog

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I can't quite get the idea. I'm afraid to go to your site
I've been getting bumped off. Did you just wind the strip of fabric around the bracelet?

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i'm sorry to hear about problems getting on my site....what does it say when you go? i'll try to find out the problem. is anyone else having trouble with my blog? let me know what the problems are so i can contact BLOGGER.

minnie, i am just crocheting a strip of fabric around a strand of pearls. i really know nothing about crochet EXCEPT to just crochet a glue the last bead at each end down, or sew it down. tie the loose ends to wear.
hope this helps :D

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I think I get it now. The problem wasn't with your site I'm sorry I gave that impression

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