Non-crafter looking for advice

hhirenoFebruary 16, 2009

Hello all,

First a confession, I'm not a crafty person. I can't draw a straight line with a ruler; I measure twice, cut once and still get it wrong. Along with all my decorating ideas (I usually hang-out in the Home Dec forum), I have craft ideas but lack the knowledge & skill to make things happen. I sometimes look over here & see some really clever projects.

Anyhoo, I've been saving wine corks for years. I saw a wreath made out of corks & it was so unusual I thought "hey, maybe I can do that!?" Yeah, well maybe but I'm not sure how.

I was thinking if I started with a foam ring and then glued them on &/or to get extra height/dimension/layers I could stick some on the end of bamboo skewers & stick them in the foam. Does that sound like it could work? Does anyone have any other suggestions?

I have a really large wall to put in on so is a foam base ring the best choice or are they other, larger rings that might work? Would regular hot glue work? What about if the wreath is in a hot, sunny area - would the glue hold?

Another idea is to make trivets. How would I make those? What about a memo/cork board? Should I get someone to build a basic frame/box and glue them in? Would one of those paintable wooden trays (like at Michael's) work for that?

I can spend hours in craft stores - all those interesting things that I don't know how to use - it's like a foreign country to me. Thanks for any advice you can offer, Jean

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This website has all the cork projects you are asking about
and more.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cork Crafts

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Thank you Evelyn.

I guess in addition to not being crafty, I'm not computer savvy - it hadn't even occurred to me to look for such a website!


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Jean, if you love hanging out in craft stores I would guess that you are a latent crafter,lol. I think that you may just lack confidence and experience. You are clearly drawn to making crafts. The more that you do the better you will get.
Post a pic of what you do with the corks!

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OK,go to Trash or Treasure forum. I click on Garden Junk forum & then it is up at top by Crafts & Decorations-click on Trash or Treasure & go down 13 posts & you will see "What to do with wine corks" There are pics of several things you can do with wine corks!! I think you will find a wreath there also. Hope this helps! Jan

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Thank you Kathy & Jan.

If I ever start, I mean finish, this project I'll post my results. Please do not hold your breath waiting.

I counted the corks last night & I know I'll need more - so I guess I have to continue drinking. Oh my, the sacrifices we make to express our creativity.

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Today Kirk on Garden Junk web posted his & Carol's cork birdhouse "look" "toomuchclass" 1 of members has a fence that is too short & she put out idea that if she got wood & cut piecesof houses would her friends at GJ paint or decorate them so she can extend her fence 8 inches. Response was great & this is a cork version. Remember this is about 8 in. tall the back will be screwed to her existing fence so you can do what you want to front of board. Read the things people said as it will give you ideas . There are quails down by door & flowers & vines on some of corks. It is very cute,notice corks are cut for sides & roof. They will be making birdhouse similar this spring so might watch for that also. Have fun! The post is" Wine/logcabin for "toomuchclass" project." Jan

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Yeah Kirk and Carol's little house is definitely worth a look.
Heres a wild site I found while looking for ways to use my bottle cutter. Wine bottles have corks is the connection I guess. Some of this is wild, fun to look at.


Here is a link that might be useful: Crazy for corks

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