how to clean this picture...?

vieja_gwFebruary 9, 2013

I have a large 2X4 FT. cheap framed picture/print on paper that I love.! It has been hanging for years & needs cleaning other than the dusting it now gets. Is there anything I can use to clean it with without destroying the paper print? Everyone that first sees it thinks it is a painting til they see it up close but it is of no value to anyone except to me! I do have a few original oil paintings that I should try & clean too but am afraid to touch them also!

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Do be careful. I tried wiping with a damp cloth but sometimes it removes the colors from the print. Hope you find an answer.

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Thank you for the warning ... I was afraid that might happen! It may seem foolish to put a lot of time & effort in a department store bought picture but my bedroom furniture is spanish style & this huge picture is a paper print of a painting (not of a real person) of a spanish lady with a lace mantilla, etc. & in a pretty big frame, , fits is nicely. From a distance it often is mistaken for a real painting! I shall not try anything until I get something safe to try ... thanks for your caution!

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Years ago we used a wall paper cleaner on wall paper. It was a sorta a rubbery composition of some sort. Have no idea if it would work or is even available.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I found an old oil in the attic that my grandmother did...I looked on line and it said to take a very soft brush, like a shaving brush and use just that. I did and it cleaned the dust off nicely without doing any damage.

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