Bought Fleece on sale on my lunch hour

huggybear_2008February 12, 2009

Okay friends, I have no stocks in Hancocks, or do I work for them.. However; today on my lunch hour, which I never take at work, I went to Hancock fabrics and got the best deal on fleece. $2.99 a yard and it is soo nice.. other more expensive fleece was also on sale 50% off and 40% off and some 30% off.. so I bought up a bunch..LOL never have to much fleece.. and the colors are so pretty.. I want to see if I can make just one layer fleece blanket for premies, and instead of tying the ends.. use my cutter with a scallop wheel on it and cut two blankets out of one yard to see just how big they would be , I am thinking they would be just right for the tiny babies.. that would make them about 18 x 30 which I think would be just about right. and with the warmer weather just around the corner they could use them up into spring. whatcha you all think??


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I think that is great of you to make them for preemies. Do you take them to your local PEDS unit? My GD was in one in Austin and they were so good to her and there was one lady that crocheted little blankets for each one. I have made some smaller "pillow" blankets for the babies in Haiti. I understand the babies there are laid on floors on cardboard or newspapers. I think it sound a good size. Might try one on a baby doll to see how it fits. I love fleece. We get ads sometimes for Hancock but the store has closed down I think. Mostly we get Joannes.

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