Decorative Willow Balls

cindylouhooFebruary 3, 2008

I bought 3 of these from Pier 1. They remind me of grapevine wreaths. I want to use them in an antique wooden bowl for decoration. However, it seems like too much brown/tan. I'd like to add some color to them that would look natural/organic. I was thinking of gluing some green floral moss to one. I'd like to do something in red for another one & keep the 3rd natural. Any suggestions?

Mine are similar to the smaller Banana Bark Balls on this link but with thinner stems and more "holey."

Here is a link that might be useful: Similar ball

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Get some craft paint in a red that you like, and do some dry brushing of little areas here and there on the ball. If you want an organic feel, tho, I would be more likely to dry brush with touches of copper paint instead. I think it would add a bit of highlight and glow, but still have a warmer feel as copper would.

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Try to find some dried red currant berries,you could glue them on, or instead of gluing the moss, try arranging it underneath the balls, along with some of the berries. Maybe you could tuck in a little bird for fun. Not sure how large your bowl is.

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you can also dye them with Rit gives a translucent color that looks quite natural!

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Cindylouhoo, all of the above are good suggestions, and I don't have any more to add, I just wanted to tell you that I visited your Etsy site and you really make some cute things. Nice to have you coming by here too. ;o) Luvs

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Oops! Cindylouhoo, I got the wrong person. It was Sadieloowho on the Etsy site. Sorry for the mistaken identity. Luvs

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