price of gas where you live

grandma_bonnieFebruary 27, 2012

Price has gone up 30 cents since the first of the month and I have been told it will go up to $5 by July so I am raising my prices on my crafts to help recoup my expenses - This morning, it was $4.29 a gallon! Helped me make up my mind... I travel to places up to 135 miles away to different shows...

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Up to $3.59 here today. Last week they dropped the price 10 cents, then raised it 6 cents. What makes me upset is that the US has all the gas we need, So,what are these people doing to us?

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I try not to even look at it. I drive an SUV, and I know that I have to pay it anyways. It's depressing to say the least.

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My SUV requires minimum 91 octane - which is hard to find. So I end up using the hightest stuff. Paid $3.99 a gallon last night. It was just over $80 to fill my tank.

I'm in Boston MetroWest.

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Gas is about $3.36 per gallon here in Tulsa. It is usually lower than the rest of the country so I try not to complain.

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CAN we raise our prices? Our customers are getting hit just as hard as we are. And when they attend a show that has nothing anybody needs, will they buy at higher prices?

That indeed is a catch 22 situation.

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I don't know, Chris. I know my prices are $5 - $10 cheaper than anyone else on the wine glasses - and I'm comparing unetched to mine that are etched... Fabric is up so much that I HAVE to make mine $9. Most charge $10 - $14 around here... I hate raiing my pries but then people pay it wihout a wince... I'm no able to make a killing - jut suplimenting my SS. I like making them $10.00 and under and I always offer buy 5 - get 1 free...

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