Ideas Needed for Valentines Day

Lady_BratFebruary 6, 2012


Usually just lurk around the corner but I need some help. I have to "make" valentines for my office and I want to do something different. Do any of you have any sayings that go along with different types of chocolate? Not real clear huh. Let me see if I can make myself a little clearer. I could put a roll of Smarties (candy) on a card and write "for the days when your brain needs a lift".......something along those lines but with a named chocolate bar instead. Oh, I just thought of another example. A miniature Almond Joy saying "To bring a little joy into your day". That's pretty common though. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Google "Valentine chocolate wrapper"and do an image search. There are some really cute wrappers that might work for your project.

Here are some sayings from another site:

Thank you for being a red hot volunteer! (send with Red hots candy)
You're a star in my galaxy! (Milky Way candy bar)
You're worth even more to me! (100 Grand candy bar)
When it comes to helping out, you're worth a mint! (Peppermints)
I'd be in knots without you. (Pretzels)
I'm nuts about you! (Peanuts)
You never snicker at my concerns; thanks for being such a great friend! (Snickers candy bar)
Here's a kiss and a hug for all you do! (Kiss and Hug)
You're the apple of my eye. (real Apple or apple-flavored Jolly Ranchers)
Bar none, you're the best! (Bar None candy)
Thanks for adding jo to my life! (Almond Joy candy bar)
For all you do, you deserve an extra pay day! (Pay Day candy bar)
That was a whopper of an idea . . . and what a great one it was! (Whoppers)
You've made a mound of difference. (Mounds candy bar)
Thanks for going to bat for me! (Babe Ruth candy bar)
This place would be a zoo without you. (Animal crackers)
You're a lifesaver! (Lifesavers)
You add pop to my life. (Popcorn)
You're the best prize I could ever hope to win. (Cracker Jacks)
You're a star in my eyes. (Starburst candy)
It's a real treat to work with you. (any candy)
"Twix" you and me, you're the best. (Twix candy bar)
You are more precious than gold. (gold-wrapped candy)
Thank you for staying fresh with your ideas. (Winterfresh gum)
Thank you for putting your heart into our organization. (Candy hearts)

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