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amberscuFebruary 5, 2009

I am currently cleaning out my craft room and am slowly getting rid of items. I have several giveaways on my blog for different items.

I have the follwing that I am giving away:

10 Romance novels

9 Older craft magazines

98 pages of weight watcher recipes

and 542 quilt pieces to make the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt block

The older magazines still have some really nice projects in them. The quilt pieces were a quilt kit that I bought several years ago. I did not cut them so they are precise.

I would rather these to go a good home than in the trash. If you are intrested in any of these items, just visit my blog and leave a comment under which item you would like.

Here is a link that might be useful: Red Mommy Crafts

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I keep seeing your post. I suspect a lot of us have old craft mags that we feel bad about just throwing away. What do other people do with them?

My local thrift store actually resells the actual Craft ones, even (maybe especially) the really old ones. I just bought one myself because it had something that interests me a lot in it. (Just what I need, lol) And I ve sent some on their way there. My problem is getting rid of old Country Living magazines. I hate to throw them out. For a while I stopped buying and looked at a different old one each month instead. I sold a stack for $1 at a yard sale a few years ago. Any one have any good uses?

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I posted my Quilting magazines on Craig's List for $1 each. The woman was very happy to get them.

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That's true I keep forgetting about Craig's list partly since I live in a semi rural area. We also have a freecycle that I can offer my non craft magazines that the TS doesn't want.

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I would have to agree with trying Craigslist. AS for the Country Living, check with the local school. I know a lot of the lower grades are looking for magazines to cut pictures out of for different art projects.

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