spray adhesive problem! please help!

Niecee52February 6, 2013

I am creating this NYC themed subway art for my dining room! I was so excited on how they were turning out I accidentally (and stupidly) grabbed the Elmer's spray adhesive instead of my spray varnish to put the final coat on my project! Needless to say the spray adhesive has made all the boards tacky feeling and they are still that way after a week of drying!! I really dont want to start over since it took me days to hand paint all 8 boards!! I was wondering is there anything I can get to adhere to the spray adhesive that wont ruin the paint? If I added a top coat of varnish would it cover up the tackiness?

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honey - I would paint a tiny board and treat it like the big ones and then try spraying the spray varvish on top to see how it would work. What a shame if you had to start all over again...

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FlamingO in AR

If they're going to stay tacky, what about using it to your advantage? Maybe adhere sheets or strips of thin vellum to the signs? It might be worth an experiment, like grandma-bonnie suggested.

Or maybe there's a gentle solvent that would remove the glue and not bother the paint.

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