kiddFebruary 28, 2007

Has anyone purchased beads from Oriental trading and if so what is the quality of the beads. Looking for a good place to purchase beads and supplies.


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Don't expect Excellent/1st quality when ordering anything from OT. I ordered some novelty beads from them last year out of 24,only 10 were 1st quality,some should have been thrown away and the others well just not up to par at all.
There have been other experiences with them as well.
I think their beading supplies are good for beginning beaders,some novelty and then making in large quanities for group jewelry making.

good places to purchase

Now this is just my experience and opinion.


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I just received the Firemountain catalog..holey's huge and amazing..
I know a beader that orders from them, and she has nothing but rave reviews for them. Hence why I ordered a catalog.

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Fire mountain is very good. If you sign up for specials, they email you good deals. (Also I like that they show people who work for their company wearing things they have made.) I have also received some nice beads from Happy Mango.
Here's a tip if you are going to sell your bead crafts: I keep glass jars, such as baby food and frappachino jars and when I get new beads, I put them in a jar, then lable what kind of bead it is and how much I paid for it, per bead. This helps a lot when you are pricing your work.

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