Painting a mirror

annabell40February 12, 2008

Hi everyone...I'm a new and I'm loving it...

I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried or heard of painting a mirror to make it look like a transparent stain where you can still see the reflection of the mirror through the paint?

Thanks so much.

Looking forward to sharing ideas


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Welcome to the forum Annabell40, so glad to have you join in on the fun. You'll meet some wonderful and friendly folks here who are willing to help out with a project if they can. I've never heard of what you're talking about so I copied your part which said "painting a mirror to make it look like a transparent stain" and pasted it to the web browser line. Several sites came up and I chose this one to look at: (copy and paste)


I wonder if this is what you're looking for? If not, you can do the same as I did cause there were several sites which popped up. In one of the mags I get there is an antique stained mirror and I wonder if this is how they did it. It sells for over $100 and looks really nice. Sure hope if you do this project, you'll share pics with us. We love pics in the forum!


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Great idea thanks. We will see what I can do with this. I saw these beautiful huge floor mirrors in South Beach that to me looked like they had been sprayed with some type of transparent pink paint. I see that you can order them online but, they are pricey and it takes all the fun out of doing it myself. :)

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there is a spray paint that looks transparent, I beleive its made by krylon, should be able to get it at lowes, my dsil painted a basket with this type of paint,looked pretty cool! you could see the basket color throu the paint, on the cap to the paint it shows a color and its transparent.
By the way welcome to the fourm! always room for more!
Happy Crafting

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would love to see a photo of the mirrors you are talking about, sounds beautiful!

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