When Good Crafts Go Bad

thrift_shop_romanticFebruary 4, 2007

I was thinking the other day about how much more memorable the projects that seem to have gone awry have been, than the ones that worked out really well. I suppose we all have them, it's all a part of the learning experience.

So I pulled together a little collection of past crafting mishaps (complete with pics!) which I figure will make anyone who's having trouble with a current project of their own feel just a little bit better.

You can view it here:


Happy Crafting!


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That is so funny. I am glad that you have the cajones to step up and show your uh mistakes in crafting. PS I just love your blog I have bookmarked it to look at later. Thanks for posting.


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Jenn, your post did make me laugh, not at your projects, just the idea! I have more projects go worng then right, because I will try and find a cheap way to do something, when I should just buy what I need, guess we all learn from our mistakes! I dont get to upset when they dont go right, just try agine, if I still want to! Thanks for posting!
Happy Crafting

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Aw, glad you folks got a chuckle. I don't know anyone who's crafted or done home improvements that hasn't had oopsy moments. (Well, maybe Martha Stewart-- other than that insider trading thing, I mean.)

My your current crafting be pain-free,

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LOL, Thrift - I loved this and I just want to say that I just got lost on your site for long lovely time last night. Your writing is a joy and so are your projects. Thanks so much for sharing your ups as well as your downs!


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Hi, Candy-
What an awfully nice thing to say! I know folks' time is at a premium anymore, so the fact you spent some of it on my site and had fun there is a genuine joy to me.

Thanks so much! You made my day. Who would have imagined I'd ever be happy some of my crafts went wiggy?

Much wonderful irony,

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Enjoyed the journey with good crafts gone bad - heaven knows we've all been there! You write well - a good craft for sure for you!

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Your story made me laugh. I've got several of those projects too.

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Well, I may end up having another crafting disaster to share soon-- we shall see. I'm planning to see if it's possible to spray varnish Marshmallow Peeps to preserve for a centerpiece display.

This could be very, very cute... or very, very melty. I don't know enough about Peep physics to be able to predict the results on this one.

The Peeps are currently drying out in a bowl on my dining table. I suspect they know something is up. They look suspicious. :-)


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Oh my...I'm rolling with laughter now! do keep us posted on that, please! LOL

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Well, so far the Peeps survived being spray varnished-- much of a shock to me as it likely was to them. :-) So I'm going to see about making them into festive garland, along with some spring colored beads.

I just have to remember to keep the Peep Physics in mind, or else they'll all be hanging upside down on the garland string. Not quite the effect I'm going for.

Hope everyone's currently crafting happy,

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