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sugar_flDecember 28, 2013

I have the side ads & across the top back. I had them off before. I forgot what I did. I wonder why they are back. Can someone please tell me how to do it again?


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That's what i see below on the right side of this page no photos just the text. Is that what you mean?

Ready for the New Year?
What's for Dinner?
Try something new!

Gardening on a Budget
Cut costs and join a seed swap.

Kitchen Reno
Soibean reveals her new kitchen.

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I see the pictures too..also trees at the top. It used to be blank. I remember posting about how I could get rid of the blank space.. You or someone replied to me..which would I rather have blank spaces or ads?
I can live with it like it is now but was just wondering why the change.

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I suspect the trees are a seasonal background.

I too see the text down the right side plus the pictures for each category, at least those are not intrusive like those that used to come to the centre of the screen.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

If you have "Adblock Plus" enabled and haven't disabled your main subscription you shouldn't see any Google ads.

The informational stuff in the right column is new and not what I'd call advertising, although I'm sure you could get rid of it if you'd prefer not to look at it.

In fact, adding this filter does the trick:

and adding this one removes the "blank" rectangle at the top:

I got those rules quite easily using the Adblock Plus Element Hiding Helper.

Edit: Happy New Year! ... and today too. :)

This post was edited by chuggerguy on Sat, Dec 28, 13 at 21:43

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I thought I had adblock..It doesn't really bother me..just hadn't noticed them. That's a small price to pay for the site.

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You see the trees ok,

Right click on this webpage

The select "View page Information"

In the window that opens choose "Media" at the top

Place a check mark in "block images."

That will help block some content too

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Place the cursor over the target image and right click. Select AD Block Plus: Block image. I had to do that here several weeks ago.


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I now have mine fixed.. strange my background ON THIS SITE ONLY has changed to a lite greenish yellow. That's OK as it is really easier on the eyes..
I see the words but no pictures.

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sugar...the exact same happened to me. S'ok...I can deal with it. Anything which prevents unnecessary crap loading on this site is welcome. I recently installed NoScript in FF and while it is a minor inconvenience on some sites, overall it is well worth it for the good it does.

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A HUGE Thank you to all of you that helped me get rid of all the ads, yes it is so much better on my eyes and the forum is much faster loading :>) I didnt know it could be done, computers for dummies is what I need LOL....

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Pays to read every posting on this site, thanks fellas, the ads are so large, and so colorful, was hard on the eyes, now with advice from 2 good sources, things are better, and will be easier to read now.

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