levetaFebruary 7, 2008

Hi, yrs ago I found a how to make I'm pretty sure it was on here a wreath from material squares and batting and a straw wreath form. Can anyone help me...


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Here's a few links for you, leveta. I've not done it, but found these through google. Hope this helps!



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Thank You luvs2click. It's close to the one I'm looking for. The one I'm looking for you use a u type staple and hook 3 corners of the sq. then stuff it with batting and then put the last end over, then stick it in the straw form. I can't remember how many sq's i need. But I love the wreath you gave me the link to. I may do one of those too. Thanks bunches....

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Leveta, here's pics of a couple of mine. They are pretty old, the big one is hanging in my laundry/craft room, but the small one was stashed away in a box.

I think the small blue/pink/white one is similar to what you are looking for. Mine is on a small straw wreath form, and I just used fabric scraps, so not sure how much fabric it took.

But the procedures you described are correct.

The other one is just torn fabric strips--I've seen them with the edges cut with pinking shears too. This was from my more country/prim/rustic decorating days, so I like the torn look and the raffia with it.

These must be 15 to 20 years old I think. Goodness, time sure flies, doesn't it? LOL


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