Infinity Cards

concretenprimrosesFebruary 11, 2010

I posted on my blog about making my first infinity card. There is also a link to a tutorial (with a much nicer card). I'm going to make some more tonight that will hopefully be more beautiful. I was going to wait until tomorrow to show you all the better ones, but if you check it out now you may have time to make Valentine Infinity cards which is what I'm going to do tonight!


Here is a link that might be useful: Infinity card with tutorial link on my blog

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Very interesting! I had a box of 1940's cards once that I actually sent them to people for different occasions. 1 of kids ones opened up with sections that went out & picture changed. That is closest I've seen like this 1. Would make up wonderfully as a Valentine, I would think!! Neat idea!! Jan

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omg dont think I could make one, to much for me, but yours is beautifull!
love your blog, now I see you are the one who makes those beautifull plate flowers, they are on my to do list as soon as it warms up and all the yard sales start, never looked much at the plates before, sure will now.

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Pretty neat, I've never seen one.

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