Range Hood: Height between the stove top and hood bottom

sweet_homeNovember 24, 2009

We are shopping for a range hood and pretty much have to let go of most of the models because of the height between the gas stove top and the bottom of the hood(assuming we buy a 6" ht under cabinet hood). We only have 23 inches(23-1/2 at most) and the specs for many range hoods require a minimum height which is more than this. For eg, Kobe hoods requires the min height from the stove top to the bottom of the hood to be 27" and the max height to be 30". Our gas range expects the min height to be 24". Is it acceptable to have +/- an inch or so if the range hood also say expects a min ht of 24"? Hubby is confident that it should be ok. Looks like the least intrusive option we have is to go back and buy the same brand range hood( a local brand) we currently have in SS. The other option is to remove the cabinet above and install a chimney type range hood but we would like to avoid the hassle of doing any more changes. Any feedback is welcome!

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I have a flat top electric stove and the distance to my hood is exactly 24". It is the Zephyr Tamburo.

Frankly, I wish my hood were higher (the upper cabinet should have been shorter) because people do bump their heads on it. I am used to it so I don't.

I think the problem with mine is more that the Tamburo sticks out far (great for capturing air but makes it difficult to use the back burners).

So, go ahead and get a hood but make sure it does not stick out too far or you will bump your head!

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Thanks for your feedback stir_fyi. My main concern was if having a height little less than 24" would be a hazard in any way. Atleast some of the range hood manufacturers have different requirements for gas vs electric range. Anyways, we'll love for a range that allows 24".

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".... Is it acceptable to have +/- an inch or so ...." Yes, this is OK. One inch out of 24 is a 4% difference / variance / tolerance.

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Code in your area may make this a problem. If you're not getting the installation inspected, then don't worry about it.

The fact that this is a gas installation makes this more problematic than electric due to the open flame.

Can you remove the cabinet above and replace with a smaller cabinet?

Since you've looked at Kobe, have you looked at some of their smaller profile hoods (like 2")?

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30" is generally considered the optimal height above the cooktop to the bottom of the hood. Most manufacturers recommend 30" to 36". It sounds like you found one hood that recommends 27" min. - I wouldn't go any lower.

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I had looked at the 2" Kobe model. Looked like part of the range hood had to sit inside the cabinet and also the depth was only 19.5" which I thought could cause problems as I felt that we would at least need a 22" depth for good capture area. Our granite backsplash extends only up to the current cabinet height, so replacing cabinets is not a viable idea. But we can consider removing the existing cabinet and install a chimney type hood. Thanks for all your feedback. I'll look at all the options and then make a decision.

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I'm in the same boat, I'm buying a Wolf 30" DF range, and I only have 30" between the stove top and the cabinet above. I'm thinking of going with the Kobe Ch-122 as it has a depth of 22" so it will capture the majority of the front burners and the length of the unit is 5 7/8". Leaving almost 25" of space between the stove and the hood.

I'm 5"10 and I went to a store that had this setup and I was relaly suprised because it was very workable for us, didn't bother me at all.

I'm still debating on getting the even larger CH-27 model, which has a length of 7", but that would leave me 23" of space between..I dont think it should make too much fo a difference.

I'm leaning towards the Ch-27 because it uses baffles which I have heard is much better than the CD-122 which uses the oil catchers.

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