opinions wanted for home decor craft idea

decordiva_4everFebruary 11, 2007

Hi everyone. I just joined & I love this site! What great projects & ideas abound here from so many very creative & talented people! I am re-decorating my bedroom and soon the living/dining room. I love table runners and have collected many and still do. When thinking about wall decor for the dining area, I thought I might stencil a couple of adjacent wall areas, but on further thought, I may craft an idea I have. Perhaps I could attach them to thin wood backings of the same shape, cut a bit smaller all around to allow for attaching to the back of the wood,put some kind of hanging item at the top back of the wood, or just an indentation to accomodate a nail or hook, or some thing to attach decorative ribbon or cord to hang from & hang them on the wall. I think I would use tape to attach to the wood, so as not to destroy the fabric, so I could change them. Some are truly beautiful, and it would be nice to display them.

Any opinions or thoughts on this idea? What kind of wood would be best?

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Sorry I can not help you, but wanted to say welcome to the fourm! if you dont find answers here try the decorating fourm, also saw you other post, on sewing a hand bag, and there is also a fourm for sewing they might be able to help you,, there is alot of talented people here, would love to see photos of your projects.
Happy Crafting

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Thank you Oddie for the welcome and tips. Karen

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Sorry I can't help either but wanted to say

You should check out the Home Decorating forum or even the
Holiday forum where they are posting about Table scapes and
decorating with accessories. Hope someone there can help.

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Hi Karen, Glad you are joining in here. Not sure I understood your idea correctly--are you wanting to put the tablescarfs on something so you can hang them on the wall?

If that is the case, you could just use double sided tape then they could easily be removed and would not be harmed. You could also use inexpensive cardboard instead of wood--might want to spray paint it so nothing would show through. I hope this is what you meant--sounds like it could be very pretty wall decor.

There are so many great forums on here, do check out home decorating and holidays. Lots of great ideas and helpful people.

Evelyn, when you stop by at holidays, hope you will post and share your thougts and ideas too!


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Hi Karen, welcome to the forum. You'll have a lot of fun in here, great folks all around. May I suggest you use thin wooden dowels to hang your tablecloths. If you don't want to "sew" down one side to make a sleeve for the dowel, you could take a light fabric and sew it onto the back of the cloth to make the sleeve. Then again, if sewing on the cloth is something you really don't want to do, you might try using a good tape such as duct tape to tape the light fabric onto your tablecloths and using a thin dowel, I think they would hold. Or use a fabric glue to glue the sleeve on. As for hanging them on the wall, you can buy different size "cup hooks" and screw them into your wall to hold the dowel ends.

Hope you will post pics of your project when you're done. Love to see pics.


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Karen..I like Sal's idea. Here's what my sister did. Her runner had pointed ends. She folded one point over onto the front, the amount she folded over was eyeballed until it looked right.this let the back fabric show on the front. She then sewed by hand through the back, catching the back of the folded down are with stitches, but did not let the stitches show onto the front of the folded down part. She stitched about 1 1/2 to 2 inches down...this made a casing.
She then sewed a tassel onto the turned down part's point and pinned on a beautiful brooch she had that co ordinated with the fabric. (could use a fancy button too.) She then slipped in a piece of dowel rod painted to match the tassel color and about 6 inches longer than the runner's width. She placed cup hooks in the wall so that the runner hung just inside them. She put the dowell on the cup hooks, and then she hung satin cording with tassels off the ends of the dowells that stuck out. It looks like a beautiful bell pull..and hangs between her dining room and living room.
I think these would make a stunning display grouped together...or on either side of a window or doorway. Let us know what you decide to do.
Good idea!!

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Thanks for the invite Luvs! I would luv to but unfortunately
don't have much to add cause I don't have much opportunity
to do any decorating like table scapes and the like. I still
visit the holiday forum everyday and do enjoy at least reading
all your posts on the subject.

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HI...I love that idea. Think it will be a beautiful way to display your pieces. You could use both ways with the wood and the dowel to hang some horizontal and some vertical. Also, I've seen similar things placed between two pieces of glass and framed. I guess they'd have to be custom made frames? Hope you'll post pics when you get them like you want them. ~Anj

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