Help choosing between GE or Kitchenaid gas ranges

pigeonenglishNovember 22, 2013

I'm looking for a 30" gas slide-in range in stainless. The budget is around $1500, which is reasonably limiting. I'm replacing a 10-12 year old Whirlpool Gold which I hate. So that basically leaves me with the following:

Kitchenaid Architect model KGSK901SSS for $1600, regularly $2000.
- Or $1250 at a clearance centre

GE model JCGS650SEFSS for $1600
- I would prefer the 750 model with convection oven, 5th burner and stainless top, but it's too far outside of the budget. We rent our home from family and I won't ask them to bump the budget up this high. I don't want to make up the difference because though I love to cook and bake, and can't aesthetically accept freestanding, we need to buy our own home sooner than later.

GE model JGSP28SERSS for $1500

In your esteemed opinions (I mean that, I have been trolling this board for research) which is the best option? Am I wrong to not consider lower prices Maytags?

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Turns out I can get a Kitchenaid Architect II KGSS907SSS for just $100 more than the non-convection. So is it a no-brainer now?

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I wouldn't get another KA slide in range. My "stainless" range immediately got spots on the finish from spills and splatters and they are permanently in the finish and will not come off. Very unsightly - it's at my weekend lake place so I don't see it every day. If I did I would get rid of it. Functionally it's fine.

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Have you tried using a melamine sponge? I've found they have helped me buff out drippy stains I had thought permanent.

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