Need comments about tablet sizes

luis_prDecember 13, 2013

I am tempted to get one of those tablets but started thinking about it too much. Tablet owners: share your experience?

What do you use your tablets for? Why did you choose that size model?

For example, the 7" models are not large and are not bulky, which is good. But is the 7" image "too small" for some tasks?

On the other hand, a regular sized tablet (think iPad for example) might be good because the screen size is larger but, that means the tablet is bulky and a pain to carry anywhere.

Think: web surfing GW/newspapers, emailing, hhh, I just had a thought... can you use software to call someone and see them if they have similar set ups?

Do you have to buy both because one is better (more practical) than the other for some activities/software?

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I use a Wacom Bamboo Create with a 8.5" x 5.4" active size. I use it for all types of graphics work in lieu of a mouse as it is much more intuitive. If you do work with photo editing, graphic creation, digitizing etc it is a must. Once you get one, you'll never go back.

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I have a 7" Kobo Ark and use it mostly for reading books. It has internet capability with a camera and speakers so Skype is possible. However as I have a desktop computer with a 24 inch screen I never use my tablet for online stuff. Just me of course.

I had a 5" Kobe too and it was good for reading but it was not back lit. This meant the battery lasted long too. Great for ladies to pop in a purse or guys in a pocket. I gave it to my grandson when I was given the 7" otherwise I would still be using it.

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I have the Google Nexus 7 and use it with the apps Evernote to keep lists and track of project activities/tasks etc. I use Dropbox for knitting patterns, much easier than the paper copies. Out of milk keeps my grocery/pantry list inventory and is very handy to have. The calendar keeps track of all my appts, activities, birthdays etc. Then there are the shopping apps that provide coupons, however, I now have a smartphone so do not use the tablet as much for coupons. And don't forget the games such as Solitaire. Big time waster. lol
It is easy to carry and I do some limited, facebook, and an occasional look up something. It has the voice search feature which is pretty cool....just say what you are looking for and voila, there it is. But for most of my internet such as forums, recipes, general surfing, etc. I use my desk top.
I use the kindle reading app sometimes but generally read with my kindle.
I love my tablet and am always on the lookout for new ways to use it.
Hope this helps.

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I have a first generation kindle fire. I email on it surf the web read, play games and watch netflix on it and HBO. Hoping to get a 10 inch tablet soon with the google play store on it since the time warner app won't work on my fire. Mary

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My girlfriend is on her second full size iPad and it's pretty much connected to her hip. Maybe she has a bigger purse than some, but it goes everywhere with her. Personally I find the smaller screen less convenient to use (too much scrolling about).

I might also suggest that if you have a smartphone to keep things in the family, so to speak. Apps will automatically share between devices as will contacts.

Apple offers Facetime as part of their "i" devices (phone, pad, touch) but it's limited to connecting to other Apple products. And there apps like Skype that aren't platform dependent.

I haven't investigated it for Apple products but with Android you can essentially turn a tablet into a phone. You need a free Google voice number, a $5 app, and a WiFi connection. Calls a free (in the U.S.) and unlimited. Voice quality can vary and it's not a good as a phone. You can also send SMS (text) messages for free as well.

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Does it make sense to use a Kindle? From what I understand, the operating system (Andriod) was "bastardized" by Amazon. Does Amazon keep the O/S in sync with Andriod? Or does the O/S in the Kindle just "gets old" with minimal updates and not in sync with the latest Android?

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I would suggest any seller that does not keep the product up to date will soon vanish, especially in the high tech products field.

As no user here probably has more than one tablet, 2 at the most we can only guess at an answer. However I Googled compare tablets and had a squint at a few sites but they all had different ideas of best. Some seemed consistently near the top of the heap, take a look and see how your choice fares.

According to The Verge Kindle updated their OS in mid November.

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I have been very happy with my kindle fire and there are a lot of apps in the amazon app store and what I can't find there I have the 1mobile app store on it so works for me. Does all I need, email, web, books games. I watch nextflix on it and HBO. Only think is time warner does not make the app for it so that is really why I want another tablet and a 10 inch one to watch time warner while traveling. Mary

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Luis, easy does it, there's no one answer to your question.

Kindle was designed for Amazon's ebook businesss and it also does other things. If you want to read Kindle books, that's probably the best choice. If you mostly want to do other things, maybe one of the others will be better suited. Unlimited budget or not, that also influences the decision.

All operating systems these days other than Windows have been adapted from one form or another of Linux. There are dozens of versions, all are basically free, and many companies and group projects adapt from a Linux base. Android came from Linux, Apple's operating systems did too. Your microwave oven and TV box, also your wifi router, also are probably running software with some tie to a Linux of some kind.

Hold the pejoratives, that's just how the world is today.

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I have a 10" Samsung tablet and the newest iPad. I use them for reading books, newspapers, and magazines. If I only read books, I would probably get a Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Fire for that purpose, but it makes a big difference to have the larger screen for magazines and newspapers. I also do routine Internet things like email and Skype (and of course you can Skype with anyone who also has Skype, regardless of what device they have it on).

I find a tablet is essential for traveling as I can have access to more magazines than I could ever read on vacation, and the tablet is all I'm hauling around. We also use one of the tablets in the living room for email and looking things up, as well as bringing it into the kitchen to use while cooking. I don't carry them with me around town, but rely on my smartphone instead.

We use a regular computer for long emails or for long posts on GardenWeb, but if I'm doing onscreen typing the bigger screen on the tablet means that the typing is easier than with a 7" device. If I have to do a lot of typing and I only have access to my tablet, I have a compact wireless keyboard ($20) that I can type on faster than using the onscreen keyboard.

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