Northland Refrigerator noise. PLZ post videos!!

azhengNovember 2, 2012

I've been looking all through the forums, and I want to get a good idea of how loud northland refrigerators are. Can some owners post some videos/sound recordings of how loud they are?

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Have you heard this one on youtube?

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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I can't help the OP, but just wanted to say that video Deeageaux posted was unbelievable! I had read previously on this forum that Northlands have a reputation for being noisy. Makes me that much happier with my recent purchase of a humble Samsung (FD, no water in the door), which is so quiet. I cannot believe I was quibbling cause I can hear the ice drop from the ice maker.

If the OP has the budget for the Northland, perhaps s/he should look instead at the Liebherr, Thermador or Subzero models.

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alwaysfixin, just an FYI that fridge is broken, it is not operating properly due to a malfunction.

I do not have a video of it, but a friend of mine has a NL fridge, and it is considerably louder than my SZ (which is quiet as a church mouse). You have to remember the NL utilizes a large commercial type compressor. They are also quite energy inefficient. It is not fit for a home where the kitchen is in the open.

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The guy in the video said he has had the repair guys out but it is not that noisy when they are at his home. They have not been able to find the problem hence unable to fix.

It is a quality issue.Only one data point. But there are not that many NL owners out there. Still relevant to someone considering NL I think.

NL is so rare it is hard to know how common this problem is for NL fridges as a whole.

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