Any cheap ideas for remote control holder???

deedeebakerFebruary 29, 2008

I would like to make a remote control holder for my son who is contantly losing it in his bedroom. Any quick ideas on how to put one together. I saw something about folding a potholder in half or a placemat and sew it together. Just need something quick and cheap. Thank you.

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First you have to make sure he will use the holder or the remote will still be lost.
I'd just take a fabric placemat and sew a pot holder to one end. Then tuck the other end under the bed's mattress. the holder portion hangs out and he can store the remote in it. You usually can get placemats and pot holders at the dollar stores.

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snolady, good point :)

When I want to establish a new routine (putting the remote in the same place always) I will make a little sign and attach it to the place where I want the remote to go. As the weeks go by, it becomes routine and they do it automatically without even thinking.

Hope everyone is well


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We use different items in each room. You can use like a cup or vase or bucket or box...anything that will hold something. The key isn't the holder, it's teaching them to put things IN it! LOL I about have my family trained! ;)

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Best thing I ever did was to put VELCRO on the back of the remote and then place the other side to the wall where I wanted it in the kitchen.
Even the kids remembered to put it back there.
Holders can be moved or misplaced. A piece of velcro attached to the wall is a visual reminder that something is missing.

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or attach the velcro to the side of a sofa or recliner.
how about an eyeglasses' holder?

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FlamingO in AR

I've done the velcro thing too, that works really well. And yesterday I made a holder for DH who was always knocking the remote to the floor, crash! I made a bag/pocket and attached it to a rectangle of fabric to drape over the sofas arm. It has a pocket on one side for his pens and pencils on the inside and the remote holder on the other side. He likes it and it hasn't hit the floor yet, so I like that a lot. I used fabric that matches the throw pillows on the sofa, fortunately I had some .

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I was going to suggest using a kitchen towel. Fold it up 2/3rds of the way from the bottom & sew (or use fabric glue), across the top. Then sew a "divider" line to make 2 pockets. Then add Velcro on the backside of the top of the towel & adhere it to the top of the boxspring, under the mattress. (if that's where he watches tv in his room)

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