Draft plan dilema

glass1990November 13, 2012

I am still in the plan drafting stage. Kindly help me your comments and let me know what you think about my draft plan. The house will be built in South Africa.

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The kitchen is simply awful. Sorry, but there isn't another word to describe it. An island cooktop is difficult enough to do correctly, but with almost zero safety zone around it, this one doesn't even try. The angles eat into the useful space, and although it appears to have a lot of room, it's all in the wrong spots.

With no measurements to go by, the garage seems rather small, even for smaller European cars. 20x25 feet is a standard size for a 2 car garage here, and that should work for you, and leave a bit of space left over for storage.

Not sure if not having built in closets is a cultural thing or not, but they are far more useful to have than armoires. It's something to consider, especially for the master where you have enough room for a good sized reach in closet, but no real room for a sitting area, even with all of the extra flooring space. The space is all in the wrong place.

You've forgotten the most important element here: the human who occupies the space. There are no clear traffic paths where needed, like through the dining and living areas, and forced awkward paths where a more direct route would be better---that wierd meandering kitchen wall and strangely curved hallway to the top left, for instance.

You REALLY should be working with a professional here.

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Some improvement from your first draft. At least now some of your public spaces have windows and access to the outdoors.

Did you ever answer the questions that other posters asked? Is this a common design in South Africa? Each country is different and it helps to know if this is a common design or you are trying to be "creative" ...

Sink in the scullery/laundry? Crazy by US tastes. No sink in the kitchen? Even more crazy! Is the maid supposed to clean up in the scullery behind closed doors, so as to not make noise in the main living area? You need to explain your way of life, because your deign makes no sense when viewed from this part of the world.

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@ Chispa..this is not a veryusual plan in South Africa. The most usual one usually have an open plan syle and then a wing with a passage and bedrooms.. The sink (preparation sink) will be added in the kitchen with no problems thank you for that. The scullery normally has a door because the norm is to employ a maid who helps with the house work.

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