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mollycatsFebruary 16, 2009

I bought a picture at a flea market yesterday and I am curious about the frame on it. It is very light almost as light as styrofoam. The lady said it was made of wood but wouldn't share anymore info on it.

The frame is painted black and sanded around the edges. I'd really like to buy or make some of these frames. Anyone know anything about this type frame?

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Balsa wood is extremely white & light. It used to be available for dollhouse furniture at hobby shops, haven't seen any lately but imagine Michael's has some in their wood section. Another wood that can be very light is redwood but it is pale redish color. Both woods you can easily scratch with fingernail. I think balsa would break if pic frame larger than about 4x6, not sure on that. They are making plastic into 2x4's so could be plastic & she didn't want you to know. Also a composite material, look at back uncolored part of frame, should give you idea, neither of woods I mentioned have much of a grain so you won't see pattern like you do on oak. That's all I know about it. All the hardwoods are heavy & pine & fir are pretty heavy also compared to styrofoam! Jan

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Thanks for the wood discriptions Sunny. My DH thinks it is balsa wood. He says the one I bought will warp out of shape because it is so light. My picture is about 30" X 4".
I like to frame postcards, calander pictures,ect so I might try making some of these is smaller sizes.
Thanks again for your help.

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