1st floor plan - thoughts?

babypea102November 6, 2012

Hi, I am new to gardenweb and so happy I learned about this resource to use as a guide as we begin building.

I need your help to review our plan. I've attached our first floor. I'm concerned that I am not reviewing all the parts of this plan. Is there a checklist that I can work through as I review a plan? What are adequate room sizes?

Where would be the optimal spot for the refrigerator and is the kitchen to long? Is the island small? I'm worried that the round table to the outside door will be cramped.

Please help and thoughts. Thank you and I look forward to roaming this forums with you.

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Can you tell us more about your needs/ family/ lifestyle? It's hard to determine size adequacy. Also can you post both floors and make it bigger so the dimensions can be read?

I like it overall, but would like to give more detailed feedback with that info.

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It really isn't bad.
Here are a few comments:
I like that you moved your fridge to next to the pantry. That a more functional spot for it than out near the mudroom entry (there you'd be always having to go around the island to get to it...at least next to the pantry, it is on the right side (prepping side) of the island, while still being plenty accessible to your dining room/house.

Right now, when you enter your house through the front door, you see the wall end of the FR. That seems like an odd "focal point". It really isn't wide enough to be a focal wall and have a true focal object. you know?

The dining room seems long and narrow, but it is hard to tell exactly.

I'd move your downstairs bath door to the hallway, rather than from the library wall. And, move the library door to the library side of that new bathroom door... This makes the bathroom accessible to guests and children without them having to be in a more private room (the library).

Otherwise, without being able to see the dimensions, it looks about right... Though the garage may be small if it is 20x20. If it was 25 x 25, it isn't (so dimensions will be hugely helpful in any other comments... So would your climate (do you need a front closet?) and your family life--kids? ages? forever house?

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I like a lot about it, but there are a few things I'd change. First, reverse the swing of the door so that when you open the door the view is into the great room, instead of towards the corner of the foyer with the stairs. I agree with kirkhall about changing the access door to the bath in the library. I see you have a powder room off the mudroom, but that's likely to be a messy space and it's nice not to have to direct guests through that to use the bathroom.

I worry that the large foyer may end up feeling empty, since the only way to put anything in it would be to put furniture in the middle of the room (like a table with floral arrangement or something), which can look nice, but it doesn't work with every decorating style. Actually if you centered the table on the openings to the living room and dining room and had a chandelier over it, that could be gorgeous...

I'd recommend you take your kitchen/nook plan over to the kitchen forum. I feel like there's a lot of wasted space in the nook, and work triangle could be better, but I don't know how to fix it-- they will!

Good luck! I;m sure it will be a beautiful house!

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Thank gaonmymind and kirkhall for your replys. This is the home we plan to grow our family and be at for awhile.

About us:
We are accustom to having big gatherings of 30+ adults and kids. We have a large extended family. We want to have good entertaining space in the kitchen walkout patio and family room.

We want the library room to serve multiple purposes as we grow with the home. For now, the little ones will use it as a playroom as they are to young to play in the basement by themselves. Eventually, we see our parents needing private space without stairs. And with that, I just realized we need a desk for at least a laptop. A desk space in the kitchen?

I see what you are saying about the entrance of the front door. How do you think we could adjust? Do you think if we flip the rear rooms of the house where the garage/mudroom is next to the library and the kitchen is next the stairs, could it work better? I like your idea for the library and bathroom entrance adjustment. We asked for an oversized garage in the plan. The exterior walls seems to be 24x24 but what does that translate to when the walls are up? We have 4 seasons, where could a front closet be added?

As for the 2nd floor, we want to have 2 separate walk in closets in the master. We also want to bring the sinks out of the buddy bath and bring it into the bedrooms.

I tried to make the plan bigger for viewing. What is the best way to make the plan easier for viewing? Will upload the 2nd floor. Thank you again so much for your time and help.

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Here's our 2nd floor

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Hi zone4newby, thank you for your great feedback and decorating tips for the long foyer. I value it so much. I will bring the kitchen plan to the forum.

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I would like to see the bathroom in the library be ADA-compliant since you are envisioning elderly parents there.
They may need room for walker/wheelchair.

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Overall there are many things I like about your plans. I agree with the earlier comments about the bathroom access by the library. Also the powder room is buried in the mud room. I would prefer not to go through a mudroom to get to a bathroom. I would make the mudroom enter more in the kitchen,across from the garage door(or swap the location of the garage and kitchen doors) and use one half for mudroom, other for bath (Does that make sense? Guests can turn right to bath, left to mudroom). The round table seems just stuck there, and close to the island. I think a round bumpout to the island would fit in better and be extra work space. You said you have large gatherings, the dining room seems closed off to the kitchen and family room, if there is a crowd gathered around the table, it spills into the foyer. I would prefer it go more to the kitchen, family room. But I also understand some people like the mess of meal prep hidden from dining! And your plan does better connect the formal living and dining areas. I love the big closets. I am not a fan of Jack and Jill baths since you have a second door to remember to close,and open, and it feels like you never know if you are walking in on someone,or they are walking in on you! But I know some people love them, so it is personal preference.I would make the garage as big as you can. Too many are a tight fit, and there is never too much storage space! Don't forget to pay attention to outlets, computer, cable locations. It is a final detail, but something I forgot to pay attention to until too late. Good luck with your project!

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The plan is reasonably efficient and thought out. Two concerns:

--The front entry garage will dominate the front elevation and overwhelm the rest of the facade. It would be much improved with a side entry for autos. Even better if it was located to the rear of the house.
--The plan is very bulky proportion--almost as deep as it is wide. The result may be a very large roof mass and a very bulky and ungainly appearance on every side. Care should be taken, especially on the two sides and rear, to create a plan and elevations that are visually pleasing and harmonious.

Good luck with your project.

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Hi lafdr. Thank you so much for taking time to review my plans. The builder wanted to put the mudroom there to get us natural light thru the powder room but after reading your comment I think we can still get natural light by putting a door and a window there and moving the powder room to where you suggested. I am a little hesitant to do this because i think that will create a little "hallway" to the door into the house. I'm afraid it might create a little bottleneck in that area. What do you think about this? Is there another configuration you suggest? Also the garage is 24X24 right now. Is that enough?

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Hi Vigilcarter. We are actually crossing our fingers that we have enough room to put in a side load garage. That is our first preference. This is just a first draft that the architect drew up for us just to get us going. Once the land is surveyed and measured, we will have a better idea about the side loader. The builder did walk the land and said it would be doable but might be a little tight to our neighbor. Thanks.

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Babypea102, I hope you have the space for a side-loaded garage. It will make a significant improvement in the appearance of the front elevation.

You should look carefully at your other three elevations. They are each very planar, long and linear, and unbroken, resulting in very bulky, massive and unapplealing elevations. For comparison, examine the wall lines of the front elevation as compared with the elevations on the other three sides. This is a common situation with plan factory house plans--little or no thought is given to the appearance of the house from other than the front.

Simply moving some wall planes forward 1'-0 (or more if possible) will greately relieve the elevations and introduce important variety. Discuss with whomever is providing your plans and see what can be done. This is the time for such refinements, before grading and foundations begin.

Good luck with your project!

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Hi all - we took your suggestions and here's our 2nd take. What do you think?

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Ooh. That is really hard to see. Can you make it a little bigger?

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Well, with it so small, my only comment is--
It looks like there is a wall that extends into the library near the door. Like a remnant of a hallway. I think that can just be eliminated entirely.

Other than that, I really can't see anything else clearly enough to comment in detail.

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I don't particularly care for how the master shares a wall with the kids bedroom. I'd prefer something in between to allow for sound to not travel. Could you switch so the bath and closet are in that space instead?

I just wouldn't want to worry about the kids hearing certain things whether it is intimate stuff or a conversation you really don't want them to hear.

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hope these are better. I'm providing a link to the plan.

kirkhall, we are still deciding if we should have the bathroom accessible from the library or from the hall. If we remove the wall. Our fireplace won't be centered to the kitchen/island.

lyfia, it will be hard for us to move the buddy bath to create something between. Is there anything we can put in the walls to muffle the noise?

thanks all!

Here is a link that might be useful: 2nd take plan

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Not that wall. There appears to be a wall *interior* to the actual library. Maybe I am just mis-reading some other notation...

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Your linked version is much easier to see and I think what I thought was a wall may be something else either "showing through" or markings for measurements, or something.

I think it looks really pretty good! I am never crazy about a shared bath (J&J) where the toilet has to be shared. And, you have it set up now, upstairs, to where you cannot get to a bathroom without going through a bedroom. Is that okay to you? Do you have all boys or all girls? or one of each? I ask because if you have a sleep over and you had 1 of each, I definitely wouldn't want to see a shared bath there. I am guessing you don't have that situation though.

Your laundry room and hall space, esp entry to the Master Bedroom is HUGE. So, I think if you wanted to, you could easily get another full bath in there so you didn't have to have the shared J&J.

That said, I am sort of of the opinion generous laundry rooms are wonderful. But, I am not crazy about the huge entry hall to your master bedroom on one side and closets/bath on the other. Any particular reason for double double entry doors? (Does DH work nights and you don't, for example)? I think that is the awkward thing about this plan at this point.

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Consider moving the garage-to-house door to the right-hand corner of that space. Right now, the person parked in the lower space will have to walk halfway around the other car to enter the house.

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