Gas Pipe Size - NXR or other Pro-Style Range

steph1November 2, 2009

I am considering the NXR 30" range. If I have a regular range now...would the gas line accomodate the NXR (or other pro style range)? I am hearing about the BTU output and how much greater it is over regular ranges. Do I need to repipe my house to accomodate a new range.

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This is not really a question that can be answered here, as it a fairly complex to arrive at an answer.

It all depends on your home's piping system.

General ??? would be:

Is it natural gas or propane?

What type of system do you have - traditional main + branches or a central manifold system.

What else is using gas on the system?

How many btu's do these units consume?

If a branch system - where are they located with regard to the meter?

What size is all of the piping.

What's the btu rating of that NXR?

What's the btu rating of old range?

how many btu's will current piping there support - how much will that branch support?

Someone with experience really needs to look at your system to give an accurate answer.

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Gesh, did not know it was so complex. Funny, after all the dealers I visited, no one asked me about my gas system. It is natural gas. I guess it is traditional being the house was built in 1963. Other items on the gas line would in the following order off the main line (measured with a ruler...about 1-1/4" outside diameter) from the street...gas dryer, range, gas furnace and gas hot water heater and outside gas grill. All these tap offs transition to 3/4" outside diameter pipe). The main 1-1/4" line enters the home and runs across the basement with the taps offs. No clue about the BTUs of these items, but the NXR has a 15 BTU burner(s).

Was hoping for a simple answer...if a gas range works now, a new gas range would work too. Guess not.

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3/4" minimum, for most any 30-36" range, including the "box store" ones these days. If you have a long run, or shared run with other appliances, you may need 1" -- sizing info linked -- CA Code, but reflects national code in an easy-to-ready way.

I'd figure 4x15k + 22k = 82kBTU/hr for the 30" NXR

Here is a link that might be useful: Gas Pipe Sizing

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steph - would need to know the Total draws in btu's/hr for each of those appliances and also the pressure of the gas - not as critical with nat. gas though.

The simple answer is if your old range was rated at 80k btu /hr then the new NXR will work.

If not , then maybe....or not.

jeff's link is pretty good for visualizing a design.

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The connection to the range is 1/2"

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One should run at least 3/4" to a 3/4" shutoff, then "size-down" at that point with the fittings on the flex connector.

Looking at the BrassCraft capacity tables, any of the "standard" CSSC (5/8" OD, 1/2" ID) connectors should be able to handle over 100kBTU/hr at up to the 48" length. The $20 pack at Home Depot should include a 1/2"connector; you may need to buy a $3 adapter to go from your 3/4" valve to the flare fitting.

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I realized that 3/4" may not be clear -- that is "pipe size" and a 3/4" pipe is a little over an inch in diameter

1/2" pipe ~ 3/4" OD
3/4" pipe ~ 1" OD
1" pipe ~ 1 1/4" OD

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