Tinted Black & White Photographs

annabell40February 16, 2008

For Valentine's day I wanted to give my boyfriend something special so, I took a picture of a wallet sized photo that he has from childhood and played with photoshop to make it black and white and give it a soft glow. I printed it at my local photo studio in matte paper. I used color pencils made by Marshalls and blending them with my cocoa butter hand cream (LOL) and q-tips I gave the photo a soft tint I will now coat them with a sealer to make sure the colors stay.

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That sounds pretty!

I like "tinting" my pictures with my editing program. I bet it looks very nice and old fashioned.

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

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OMG just saw a decorating show, where they took a photo of a flower turned it to B&W, took it to a copy shop and had it enlarged, used heavey paper, said the photo paper would cost alot, then I missed how they colored the photo, wasnt done in a program, and had only a little color to the photo , iowagirl I love your photo just beautiful, will have to play around with my programs and see what I can do.
annabell40 do you have a photo to show us? sounds like a beautiful projects! are you serious that you used cocoa butter ?
please come back and tell me more!
iowagirl what photo program do you use, love playing around with photos but never tried tinting them.
Thanks for shareing!

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Oddie - I use Microsoft Digital Image Suite - is is also known as Digital Image Pro -and older versions are called Picture It!

I love it - but they have discontinued the software. So much easier than photoshop!

Most photo editing programs have some way of doing this. I can do a more subtle version of the coloring also. I can also make the flower any color I want.

With filters, I can make it look like watercolor, pencil drawing, chalk, etc...the possiblities are endless! It is my favorite way of crafting now.

It is fun to use for greeting cards. You can make them "pop" by printing the image twice - cut out the colored part, and use some pop dots to adhere it over the original image, for a 3-D look. Quick and easy!

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Thanks for posting iowagirl, I have photo shop 2.0 but gosh its hard for me to use, dont understand filters, but have a book so maybe I can figure it out, will have to try it ,as I said I do love playing with photo, and this looks fun! I have picture it love it, was a freebe and dont do all as the regular one does, but its the frist one I grab when doing my photos! thanks for the ideas, also like makeing my own cards.
would so love to do a large wall print, like I was talking about, so many ideas!
Thanks for shareing!

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ok, remember I'm new. How do I post the photo? I tried copy and paste and did not work.

I tried the cocoa butter as a last minute, I'm almost ready to give up idea, and it worked. Apparently the photo studios coat photos with some type of resin and the colors don't sink in without a little help. I have been too sick with a cold to spray a sealer on it to lock in the colors but will try that soon.

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You need to host your picture somewhere. Most use Photobucket!
- as it is free. You upload your picture there and then paste in the "code" for the picture to appear.

You can also use Tiny Pic It is also free - just make sure you go to Tiny Pic NOT Tiny Pics - that extra S will get you a nasty site, LOL
- it is about the same as Photobucket (owned by the same people) - but with Tiny Pic you don't store your picture forever - it just hosts it as long as their are views where you have posted it. You also don't have to register to use TinyPic so it is quicker if you only want to post one picture and not use it again.

For GardenWeb forums (like this one) you need to use the HTML CODE. It starts with

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Oh my you two have me so inspired to try this craft! did you see the post on ( recycled foam board )would make some nice backing for photos like these if you would like to blow them up for wall size.
gosh you just never know what will work for a project! care to explane how you did your coloring to your photo, and of course how the hand cream came in! now that iowagirl has told you how to post photos, and when your feeling better PLEASE show us your project.
beautiful photo iowagirl! hubby has some cool close up photos of flowers and birds and such, I have a project going on I have to finish frist! but will try soon!
Thanks for shareing

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If you are going to try this, please do so on a duplicate of a photo or one that you donÂt mind throwing out, rather than an original. I had to go through a few before it actually worked. I placed a drop of the cocoa butter cream on a laminated surface (so that the cream does not get absorbed) and then rubbed the pencil into the cream to make like a color paste. I used a Q-tip to apply very little and very carefully to the areas that I wanted painted. I used photo-friendly color pencils but wonder if any pencils can be used this way, donÂt knowÂthat will be next monthÂs experiment, LOLÂ

I hope that you can see the picture attached. ItÂs a little blurry as this is a photo of a photo of a picture..but I think you can appreciate the colors.

BTW I saw somewhere on the web that other people had used petroleum jelly. I didnÂt try this as I thought it would be too messy. Then, when I was ready to give up, I gave the cocoa butter a shot.



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Whoops - you are almost there Annabell! You need to post a different line of code - the one that is for HTML. It is the 3rd one down under the picture in Photobucket.

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This sounds like a marvelous gift and hurray for you for doing by hand!! I can't wait to see it...here's one I did for our daughter. I used Paint Shop Pro 7 which is the old version but to me still the best.

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Oh - that is pretty!

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For this one I used Paint.net I love how simple the progam is..I hope you can see it..

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OMG! dont know where to start! so I will just go down the line.
annabell40 omg what a cutie he is! love how you did the photo just beautiful! and what a wonderful gift! who is the other cutie? gosh I just love that photo! and you do the colors in just the right places!
ginger,you are a lady of many talents! and what a prould mother you must be! your daughter is just beautiful! and so is the photo tinting! would be beautiful done in a poster size for a large wall, like alot of houses have now days.
iowagirl you will have to share more of your beautiful photos with us.
I will have to read up on the tinting by hand, could make some beautiful special gifts for loved ones, like you guys have, thanks so much for shareing!
how do I save all this info useing my page here? I see others have clipping I think its called?
Happy Crafting

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