old mirrors

kudzukweenFebruary 3, 2008

i put these on trash to treasure,but going to add them here,too.I took apart two mirrors,that gave me four mirrors to play with. I used a paint scraper,like a Widget,to scrape the silvering off the back and some nail polish remover. If anyone had a better idea to get the silver off to imitate an old mirror I'd be so appreciative! :) Printed out some old victorian type images that I liked and glued them to the back. Very hard to photograph a mirror! I had to hold a white sheet in front of me to do it :)

Here is a link that might be useful: old mirrors

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Kudzukween, just beautiful! Where did you find such pretty prints to go on the mirrors? They look so "antique". I have no suggestions on a better way to remove the silvering, looks like your way worked really well. I love what you made with them. Luvs

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Those look just great the way you have done them. I wonder if something like the gel paint remover, brushed on very dry would work. Not sure what effect you trying for though.

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Simply beautiful!!

Have no help to offer, but if my memory serves me...which it doesn't always.... I think the first time I ever saw this done was by Heidi on the old Aleenes show! I know it was a looong time ago!

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I remember doing that years ago...but we cleared more of the silver off in the center and starburst it out to the sides...and put our own portraits in them.

What you've done is really pretty....

Please don't take this as criticism, but the third one for me is a bit bright to look old...(not faded enough) I would try a tea stain on some of them.

BUT that does not mean you have to...I always hate to say anything...because I sure don't want anyone to think I'm putting their work down...Everyone has different ideas about how things should be done..mine is just another idea..."smile"....love ya !!!


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Your mirrors are soo beautiful! Love them all, very clever idea.
heres a post that might have info for you, never done this myself but would like to try.

Happy Crafting

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These look great!! Thanks for sharing this idea!!


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Thanks everyone,and thanks for the extra info:) Like I mentioned on the other forum I think these will look great on some old plate hangers I have, most hold 3 plates, I got a few at Dollar World and yard sales.

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Not sure if this is what you need, it said to use Sno-Bol toilet cleaner. http://www.cowtown.net/mikefirth/mirror.htm
Hope it helps.


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