Does it make sense to add accent lighting later?

gaonmymindOctober 15, 2012

We are meeting the electrician at the house this week to design the lighting. I am going with mostly chandeliers, pendants, and a few sconces. I am having a hard time with accent lighting. I would like it to highlight art and such but have no idea what I will buy or where I will place it. I really want to take my time with it.

So my question is Does it make sense to hold off on adding it? Or should I just guess at it because it is easier to do it with the walls open?

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I would say to guess at it thoughfully because I am in the process of adding it afterwards now and its no fun. Its either costly to pay someone else to do it or time consuming with me in the attic :) Its so much easier to add now with the walls open!

Just my .02 cents!

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We moved into an existing house last year and added an outdoor light on the porch and some track lighting in the foyer. It was no fun and expensive. If you are thinking about lighting and not sure exactly where you want it maybe track lighting might work.
We are also in the process of relocating a ceiling light and we were told that it is an easy fix - hopefully it won't be expensive either.

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Sophie Wheeler

If the attic is accessible, have the rough wiring run to a J-box in the attic in the general location of where you want to put the light, with a lot of extra wire loopage. It will be a LOT cheaper to cut the hole in the ceiling later and just move the box than it will to have to run wire all the way from the box to that spot.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I think it's better to take a shot at it and have it put in, even if it's just's a lot easier to move an existing can or box than to have to install one where there's no wiring or switches. Also, if you get recessed cans, there are different trims that may work to highlight the art from an existing fixture. Best is if you know where the art is going to centered over a fireplace. Also Candice Olson always puts recessed cans in front of drapery panels...I didn't do that...was talked out of it...and then had to retrofit to add them and it was $$$.

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In today's open plan houses it shouldn't be difficult to decide which walls are suitable for artwork. The issue is whether or not you would decide later to put a mirror there or put nothing there. The time to figure that out is now. You can always remove the lamp in the recessed fixture if you change your mind. It is also possible to use adjustable low voltage fixtures that can be directed down or at the wall.

The light in a room that is directed toward a wall is reflected back into the room and that makes the space feel larger and more dramatic and with the use of dimmers it is easy to control it.

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Do you have a plan for furniture and floor/table lamps?

With the walls framed and a good idea of where furniture will go -- the location for art should be readily apparent.

YMMV, but I was shocked how little wall space we have for art in our window heavy box.

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