Posting a pic code question?

vgkgDecember 2, 2012

Hello, I appreciate your sympathy for this computer illiterate who's question is so simple as to show how deep my ignorance goes.

I used to know the code to be able to post another site's picture here on GW, but it's been so long that this old brain has lost it's grip on it's precise lettering. From what I recall it was similar to this :

img src="site info here"img

I know it's way off base.
Could you please show me the correct way?
Many Thanks!

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Richard (chuggerguy)

In it's simplest form:

<img src="URL_of_image">

There's lots of good HTML sites but I usually find myself at this one. Probably because it's simple enough even I can understand it. :)

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FWIW, I've found this site to be of help. I usually go there whenever I forget the code for images or links. :-)

(Btw, "conceptually challenged" = "not2bright") ;-) ;-)

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