Slapping self upside the head..........

lindacDecember 15, 2007

The other day I spent a good hour polishing the silver candleabras, hadn't really had a good polish in maybe 3 years.....and buying 6 candles of just the right color, and putting them in the candleabras....and I filled the glass compote with fruit...mostly real but a few fakes in there...pomgranets and key limes, lemons and Clementines...and then I decorated the chandelier...I draped it, artfully of course) with fake greenery and casually put on a bunch of strings of gold beads that look like thay were applied with no thought...just casually put up...and stood abck to admire my work....and realized that if the candles are lit, the chandeliere goes up in a blaze, and if I move the candleabra out from under the chandeliere, the people at the end of the table will have them in their face...

Sooo back to the drawing board!

Ever make something that looks great....but just won't work for the intended purpose?

Linda C

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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

Story of my life, Linda, I just can't set a table. Usually my centerpieces end up on people's plates :) but this is the gallery SO WHERE'S THE PICTURES???? I'd love to see your table!

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She slapped herself silly

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I realized that with the 2 leaves we would need in the would all work just fine!
See the silliness pictures.
Linda C

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