Experience with Rub N Buff?

cindylouhooFebruary 21, 2008

I have never used this product, but I wanted to try it on a resin type container that holds decorative orbs. I'd like to add some additional color to it so it will blend in better with my accent colors. Will the Rub N Buff come off on a dusting cloth or my hands when I pick up the container to move it around or to dust. I just wondered how permanent it is. Thanks for any info!

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Hi Cindy, I think you could just put a couple coats of spray sealer on it and avoid that kind of problem. You can get it in a matte (soft not shiny) or a gloss (really shiny) finish. Sounds like you are doing lots of neat items.


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Aaaaack, Luvs, I feel like I'm spinning my wheels most days. With a 7 mos. old and a 2 yr. old, I'm lucky to get my hair and makeup done ; ). After 16 yrs. of teaching, I'm so glad to be home with my own kids, but I haven't created a very good schedule for us.
Being home so much has made me really examine my house and what I can do (inexpensively) to improve it.
I decided against the willow balls I'd posted about earlier (for now). They just didn't look right for the place I had in mind. So I bought some red resin type ones at Hobby Lobby, but the container I have just needs a little something to make it flow better. I would like to try and make some someday using the willow balls and some of those suggestions I got here.
I am proud I was able to do a decorative floral wreath for myself to match my new color scheme.
I'll have to check out that Etsy site you mentioned!
I lurk here for ideas I can try and love to read how creative folks can be. Thanks!

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You can contact the manufacturer of rub and buff at this site and ask questions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amaco rub n buff

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