Christmas Cookies with Bud and Makayla, 2007

annie1992December 25, 2007

Yes, we had the annual Christmas cookie bake. I made the sugar cookies and Bud and Makayla came to help decorate. Amanda frosted while the kids decorated:

Bud really liked the colored sugar. He sprinkled and sprinkled and sprinkled:

However, I neglected to tell him that he was supposed to sprinkle ALL the cookies, not just one, LOL:

Makayla took a break from sprinkling to eat some frosting.

Melly sent some chocolate sprinkles from the Netherlands, they were very cool. Some were chocolate, some white, some chocolate and green, some chocolate and orange. The kids had a ball....

We also made ice cream to go into the new ice cream freezer the girls got me. Bud did what he does best, eat the stuff while his sister stirred.

We made some raspberry bars and some chocolate/peppermint bars:

Some chocolate cookies with mint chips and some chocolate chip:

We made some of Ann T's Cream Cheese Brandied Cherry Balls, Amanda's favorite, and Ann T's maple cream fudge. I beat the fudge in the KitchenAid mixer and it worked like a charm!

I kept a dozen of each type and sent the rest home with Amanda because Makayla says that Santa LOVES cookies. Plus, it saves me the calories, LOL.

And so, another year is baked into oblivion.....


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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

I love your annual cookie bake, Annie! The grandkids are getting so big! Now that's what I'd call a sugar cookie!

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Good grief, it's 7:00 A.M. and I can't believe I could be craving fudge so early:-) Truthfully, I am a real sucker for iced sugar cookies. And I'd even eat the one Bud decorated, IF I could find it under all that sugar! It looks like a fun, sweet time was had by all the bakers and the decorators. Thank you so much for sharing Annie!!

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What great pictures! I remember decorating sugar cookies when I was little--how wonderful that Bud and Makayla will also have happy cookie memories. They are getting so big! Is it my imagination, or is Makayla starting to look just like her mother?

Thanks for sharing!


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Oh yes, Amanda, Makayla does look just like her mother. She acts like Aunt Ashley, though, so I feel sorry for her parents, LOL.

Just think, before you know it Amon will be decorating cookies with you, picking out the "best" ones for Santa...


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What a treat it is to browse through your family album this morning. But now I want cookies with my morning coffee! And fudge!

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I look forward to these pics of your GC every year. I really want to start this tradition with my Grandchild(ren). Maggie was more interested this year in eating the sprinkles than decorating the cookies. Sigh, we'll try again next year.

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That looks like it was a lot of fun - well maybe not the cleaning up part... I'm glad they liked the sprinkles. The best part about the dutch sprinkles is that they taste good, too. My little one has been sprinkling/pouring the ones that look like flakes in her hot cocoa. We only made chocolate chip cookies for Santa this year. It is not so easy to bake cookies in my barbie dream house oven. One day I should post of a picture of it for you. I can't complain to much, though. Life is good!

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melly, you live in a Barbie Dream House? LOL I'm telling Makayla that, she'll be so jealous.

You are right about the sprinkles tasting good, Amanda was eating them right out of the box.

The kids really liked the different colored ones in the little boxes and they were eating them like candy. I still have some left, though, Makayla is going to have a "sleep over" with me in the next couple of weeks and we're going to put some on waffles.

Thanks again for the treat, it made our cookie baking so much fun. I'll have to tell Makayla and Bud they can put them in hot chocolate too!


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Love your pictures of your baking with Bud and Makayla. They are both just precious. I love Bud's decorating techniques (akin to mine) and the fact that his truck isn't too far out of the picture either. Did it get decorated too?

Your bars look great. Are those 2 recipes on the forum?


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