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SEWigardnutFebruary 22, 2007

Does anyone know what this kind of yarn is called, and where it can be found. It reminds me on the 1970's hair "ribbons" we used to tie around our ponytails but its thinner. Any help you could give would be great.

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Did someone possibly take two strands of yarn and twist it? The picture is a little hard to make out because it's so close but that's what it looks like to me.

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I have seen this also, but cannot remember where. Did you check places like Herchergers(sp?) catalog or type in yarn? You can put two pieces of yarn together, but this looks 'too" good/even.

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I did a quick check for variegated yarn and several came up but did not look as open as this Herrchners does have a couple that came close. Just type in veriegated in the search box. Hope you find it.

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thanks everyone. This reminds of the soft yarn type stuff we used to tie around our pony tails. I got this in a bunch of vintage trims at an estate sale.

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