a cute fairy jar video

oddieFebruary 24, 2009

and other mixed media art videos


Here is a link that might be useful: fairy jar video

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that s great :D i m going to have to make one or some just like it. tfs

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I watched her video and then passed hours looking at some on flick'r. I made a few already!

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Soooo very cute! I knew you would want to make theses, Iam still thinking on it, where did you get the wings, so pretty, looks like the ones I was telling you about in walmart.
way to go on your blog award! dont understand much about them, but I know you sure deserve it!
I think lots of people get deppressed this time of year, I for one do,happens to me every year about this time, then spring comes and I have way to much to do, and want to craft!
TFS all you do

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Thank you, Oddie :D These are just too cute, and fun to make. I found free images on the web,and print them out. I brush with a little glue and sprinkle glitter on them, usually a clear white or irridescent color so the color of the butterfly shows through. Add sequins if you want, too. Then I cut them out and glue them to the back of the fairy I've made. I use tracing paper to print wings,too, a pretty look. You could use the butterflies from WalMart, I think those would be so gorgeous! Cut out a body of a person, and add a photo of a relative's face,like grandkids or yourself. The jars are harder to find. I used to rely on mayonnaise jars, but they've all gone plastic!! So I used a nacho cheese jar, a popular brand, it's nice and tall. And a pickle jar. And somewhere I saved some starbucks iced coffee bottles. I found out that lighter fluid, like for zippos, takes the glue residue off quickly and easily. Now is the time of year to grab up some of that Easter grass to use as filler....and I swore I'd never have that stuff in my house!!!!!!!!! but it works good. I also used hymnal pages and crepe paper cut in strips as filler, and I bought some sheet moss.

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