Trivial question -Facebook - "do you know .... "

albert_135December 5, 2012

I have never joined or used Facebook.

Starting about three days ago I began receiving many "do you know .... " subject lines from Facebook.

Just curious. What do you suppose triggered this new pattern?

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I don't know but when my step daughter joined I started getting invitations to join. She gave them my email address, I was a little upset with her. It was my family/master account. Maybe someone you know did that to you.

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Could also be phishing emails. I used to get some before I ever joined. If so I think you can send them to to report them. I just joined face book a few months ago after resisting but I have every thing blocked as I only wanted to play my slot games from the one casino gaming company and so far so good. No one tries to contact me or anything. I have nothing against using it that way but I would just rather people email me if they want to send me photos or tell me something. Mary

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I have been getting a "friends wants to be your friend" or similar for a long time now so I simply blocked them. No more hassle.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I'm not a facebooker either but have gotten invitations over the years. I 'think' they were maybe often from a GW member, but since I didn't know the GW member's 'real name' I couldn't even say if I knew them or not.

I ended up using the Hotmail Options
and then more options
and then safe and blocked senders
and then blocked Blocked Senders
and added to the blocked list. more of them to mess with.


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