Kitchen table - during the gingerbread decorating!

notenoughrosesDecember 3, 2006

Messy! But amazingly easy to clean up. (Open trash bag, sweep everything remaining on the table into bag!) The kids had a ball.

Image link:

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what a great idea for a party. i agree, 5 is plenty to handle, especially with that type of activity.

your chocolate cake looks yummy. i love a good chocolate cake not ruined with icing (rather just have a big old scoop of ice cream or some fresh whipped cream)


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I agree, the chocolate cake looks moist and yummy, and I like it plain or with frosting. Whatever, just share.

My girls and I made "gingerbread hovels" every year for Christmas. Lots of candy, a little gingerbread, pounds of frosting. They usually stood up just long enough for me to take a picture, then they fell over and we ate them.

What a great idea for a party.


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That is a great idea! I don't know how you handled five though! I could hardly handle one. Here's my gingerbread house decorating pic.

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Brings back great memories of when Meredith was little! Looks like a fabulous time!

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