A cute bunny craft

oddieFebruary 20, 2009

if you like bunnies check out this cuttie! could be put on a wreath for easter or used as a flower poke in a pot.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Oddie, these bunnies are soooo cute... I will just have to make some of these.. Thanks for sharing.. sure did miss you.

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These bunnies are so cute! I want to make some too. What are the ears made out of? TFS, Carol

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you are welcome! sorry I only saved the photo so dont know what the ears are made of but maybe you could use foam, or even texture wall paper painted pink, felt,wide pink ribbon and cut ears out, just a few ideas maybe someone will come up with some other ideas.
thanks huggy! I miss everyone here also, seems like alot of new people are posting some great crafts, this board is getting pretty busy!

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How cute and look pretty simple to make. TFS

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Very cute! I used to collect bunnies and Easter was my favorite time of year!

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those are so cute! I bet the kids would love to paint these! This reminds me of some I saw in a magazine y ears ago made from paint stirrer sticks, Yours are much cute, I love the dresses and matching bows :D

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