How to make a Lithograph picture like......

enjoyingspringFebruary 26, 2008

Andy Worhol did of Marilyn Monroe. Would like to do pictures like this of my childre.

Does anyone know how to go about this. Can you use photoshop??If so what are the steps.


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I sometimes use the pencil, ink sketch or oil painting of the program that I downloaded. It does not look exactly like this. In you work with layers and then merge them together. I learned to use it with the free online tutorials.

Best of luck.


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Andy usually did silk screen prints, which are a lot easier than a lithograph. To do a lithograph, you have to grind a stone plate, draw the image on without making any mistakes, then etch it with acid.
In silk screen, you adhere a film image to a fabric, then squeegee paint through the fabric onto the paper. Wherever the film is, there will be no paint. For multiple colors, you do this several times, with different film parts.

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There is a photo site where you can get a pic like this I'm trying to find it in my links now

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Here is a link that might be useful: Warholizer

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Thanks minnie, that is a great site

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Holy Cow Thanks for a new way to waste even more time. I love the Warholizer. The granddaughter and my dogs will have even more photos now. I didnt think it was possible.

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