whats the weather like where you are?

oddieFebruary 2, 2007

Here in southren Ohio its snowing and its 28, tonight it will be 0 and the real cold weather is comming! my spring bushes have leaves on them from the 50 weather we had last month, guess they wont be to pretty come spring! kinda of weather makes you want to stay in and craft!

Happy Crafting


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Cold, cold, cold!!! That's what it is in SW MO. We just got over the ice storm we had a couple of weeks ago and it snowed another 3 inches here. We haven't had this much snow and bad weather in many years. I would just like to see some sunshine for a change instead of grey skies. I plan on hitting the bead stores and antique stores this weekend.

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It's cold in Kansas, too. Six degrees on my way to work this morning. According to the forecast, we're to stay below freezing for the next week. Makes me want to stay home, make chili, bake cookies, watch TV and craft!!

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In NE /texas my snow is almost all melted awy and it warmed up to 39°.

Boy, they really had a bad time in Central Florida last night.

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Yes, I have been watching the news and they really got hit. What a mess, poor souls.
It is dreary here in NY, a little snow but it melted. It is around 30 now and dropping. And yes, I wonder what the spring bushes will be like, as ours were budding too.
It is good day to stay in!

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It's snowing tonight in Western MA. We're to get a few inches but I don't think much and that cold snap in OH is headed our way next week. I heard on the radio the other morning they are saying because of all the warm weather these past few months, that Spring flowers probably got damaged in the cold snap that came in Jan. and come time for flowering, it might not be as pretty.

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I'm in Western PA, and it was 20 degrees today, the next 3 days are supposed to be under 10 degrees. Brrrrr. We had a really mild winter, with lots of rain...until now. But, Punxatauny Phil (the PA groundhog) said he didn't see his shadow today...so he's predicting an early spring....Halleluja!!! I can't wait...We're going through 25 pounds of birdseed, and 2 suet blocks a day keeping our feathery friends in energy! Bet they'll be glad when spring comes too!

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Well after reading all these post I will not complain. I live in NE Florida (Pensacola). It's really cold here to me so I guess there is noway I'd make it where you ladies are.
I'm looking forward to Spring. I don't do well in cold weather.
Take care.

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It was only 6 degrees in Wisconsin when I came home this afternoon. That's not counting the windchill, so it's bitterly cold today. I think it's supposed to be like that all week. Can't complain too much though because we've had pretty mild winters lately. DebW

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It is extremely cold here this morning and supposed to get much colder. I went out last night and picked up more groceries because I'm not leaving the house this weekend. With the wind chill its -15. I'm in southern Wisconsin.

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sewigardnut, I'm in southern Wisconsin too! Brrrrrrrrrr!!

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Pudge 2b

Hmm, sounds pretty balmy where you all are. Here (in Saskatchewan about 125 miles north of North Dakota), it is currently -10F (-33F with windchill). Tonight's low is supposed to be -25F, same as it was last night. It's been similar temps for the past week, and from what I've heard, it's not going to warm up at all (get even colder) for another week. Wind chill warnings have become the norm. It is nice and sunny, though. LOL, do I win the frigid prize?

I spent some time today scraping some birdhouse gourds I've been drying. I can't decide whether to leave them natural or paint them up a bit.

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In sunny tropical Montana it is currently 9 degrees, windchill minus 21. It was minus 18 when we got up this morning, and I was afraid to even check what the windchill temp was at that time!

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I will never complain about it being in the 20's again! And, the sun was out, but I wasn't. Stay warm everyone!

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We're in the deep freeze here in Iowa as well. We're to have below zero temps for several more days...and factor in the wind chill....I'm staying inside and reading a stack of good books!

Be Safe, Rach

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It finally got cold here in Vermont. For the past few days it's been about 7 degrees and about -10 at night.
But we don't have two things up here. "Wind Chill" (we KNOW it's cold!) and "Snow Days" (School's OPEN!). Our local school used 3 "snow days" in the last 4 years.

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OMG! I wont complain about the cold anymore, just the price of gas! hope everyone is safe and warm!
Happy Crafting

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I feel so bad for all of you up north. I am with craftinggrannie, our temperatures at night dip to the 30's but it will be 67 tomorrow. I have never liked cold weather and anything below 60* is freezing to me. Being in the military, I had my husband request only warm weather duty stations - Hawaii, Cuba, Pensacola - we were stationed in Rhode Island when we first married and I had no idea it got so cold!! I think I must have been the only person in town wearing a sweater in June.

Yall take care - you probably have a lot of time for crafting since you are stuck indoors. Stay warm.

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Ok ladies, take heart--California finally got some warm weather again and it should be moving your way soon.

After several weeks of getting down into the 30's at night, we hit 84 degrees yesterday, supposed to be 81 today and then moving back down after that.

Hope it lasts long enough to reach those of you on the east coast so you can have a little warming spell.

I'm not used to the cold anymore either, and my plants sure aren't either. Hoping some of them will pull out of the freeze, haven't pulled any out yet just in case.

Isn't it great that you have computers to keep you entertained while you stay snug and warm inside? Good time to go through that stash of crafting supplies too, or pull out your saved mags and dream of projects you would like to do.

Hang in there, spring will come.


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I can't wait until 30 is the high for the day again! LOL I think I heard that tomorrow it's going to be around 16 during the day and right now, that's WARM! At lunch time it was 9, -11 with the wind chill! BRRRR!!!!

Some schools here closed but not DS's. I heard a lady talking last night at a restraunt we were at about how her son is in High School and he left a water bottle in his locker on Friday. It was frozen when he went to school yesterday! By lunch, it hadn't thawed out!

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Well, it is cold here. But for us here in North Dakota right now it is not too bad. The wind isn't blowing!!!!
It gets to about 20 below or lower at night but warms up to about zero during the day right now. We have snow, at least, enough for the snowmobilers but not a lot. As long as our roads are clear and the wind isn't blowing we can handle it.......Actually we have had a really nice winter until the last 2 weeks.


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I know many here are aware of the snow in upstate New York. The snow is coming off Lake Ontario and as of yesterday my friend said they were going to be looking at 10 plus FEET in one week.

My friend says she climbs out the second story window, jumps onto the garage roof, and then jumps into a snowbank to get outside. But she also says the towns know how to handle the snow and the grocery stores are open and you CAN get around.

She also said the sheer beauty of it all is breathtaking.

Below is a link to a Syracuse TV station where you can see how much snow they have and how they're dealing with it.

Here is a link that might be useful: It's Snowing!!

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Thanks for that link. I sent it on to Florida DS who says he misses the snow back in Germany!!

We had 70° for couple of days but now it is back to a steady 34°

I was raised in Chicago and never remember it getting colder than maybe -2 or -3 I don't know how you can stand that bitter cold.

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Here in Vermont you don't avoid the winter, you go out and play in it. If you shut yourself away from the longest season you become a recluse.

We have winter carnivals, snow carnivals, the ski resorts have specials and the restaurants here in Manchester go out of their way to make fabulous meals.

And down there in the south you never get the chance to take a sleigh ride in a classic cutter sleigh. Commonly known as a "One horse open sleigh". You feel like you're in a Currier and Ives illustration.

The snow can be beautiful. The silence of a snowfall is deafining. And when you take a walk in the evening on a snowy February and smell the woodsmoke coming from the fireplaces and woodstoves in the community it's just comforting.
I took my dog for a walk this morning and there were moose tracks in the snow on the road right in front of the house.

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Christopher - it all sounds very pretty. You have a good way of looking at the positive side. We do the same thing in the south, in the summer it is so hot you just want to stay in the air conditioned house or car. But if you do you miss out on so much.

In the south we don't have winter carnivals or ski resorts but we do have parades, mullet tosses, water skiing and we have picnics and southern teas, dinner on the ground at church on Sundays.

We can't take sleigh rides in the snow but we can take the dune buggy for a ride over the dunes on the beach.

I can only imagine how beautiful the snow is - then I go to our beautiful white beaches and listen to the surf, build a fire right on the beach, toast marshmellows, and then take a stroll on the sand while the waves lap at your ankles.

Don't have a dog to walk but I did see the squirrels out digging in the ground for their nuts and the birds were singing this morning.

I guess what I am saying is no matter what the weather, it's all in how you look at it. The last time we had snow (1993) were so excited we put socks on our hands (we don't have mittens) and ran out to scoop the snow off the cars so we could build a snowman. We don't use coal down here so we used rocks for his eyes. It was so much fun and since we don't know how to drive in the snow - we had about 1-2 inches - we had a snow day - no work, no school.

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Bebe, you are right! You either go with the flow or become miserable. I like all of the things you mention.... in moderation. I like to see the snow, and I like to see it go after a few days. Hate it when the mounds all turn to black dirty ice. And, another consideration is that some folks can't get out when it snows. Did you ever try to push a wheelchair through an icy parking lot, yikes!!Or people who need crutches, etc. I guess the people upstate NY won't be going anywhere for a while, the snow is so high they are climbing in their second story windows!! I live in NY too, but nowhere near that. To date we have had NO snow, but they say we will get some this week!

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Guess you would have to have a positive attitude with all that snow!!guess I am just getting to OLD, dont care to go out and play in the snow any more, afaird of breaking bones! have to wonder what happens when all that snow melts? we are suppose to get another winder storm today, I plan on staying in and hopefuly
warn and dry! where ever you are I hope you are safe!

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Blizzard warnings for Vermont today. I'm gonna stay inside right next to the woodstove and enjoy the fire!

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