Recycled Foam Boards

annabell40February 20, 2008

We had a few foam boards at work with architectural plans that were going to be thrown away so, of course I picked them up and brought them home. They are laminated on both sides so I took tissue paper, crumbled it and attached it with photo glue to both sides of the board. Then I painted the paper with acrylic paint using a sponge. Now the board looks like a textured canvas, really awesome. I plan to paint on it. To hang it on the wall I used this double sticky tape. I can't wait to see the results. Cost so far $3.00... :)

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sounds like a real cool project! what are you planing on painting on your boards? I so love useing tissue paper on projects, used it for the backing on my stained glass window, to cover books and albums I have made, did a kinda faux leather look on a cigar box purse, useing oil paints, sealing the tissue paper frist!, will have to see if I have a photo, even used it to cover a wall in my kitchen! seemed like a good idea but hard on lg projects that you would need to repaint offen,
thanks for shareing your idea! cant wait to see your finished project!
I have a project going on more of a TTT, but I plan on doing a faux leather look on the top and will use the crumbled tissue paper to do so.

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Sealing the tissue paper first? oh no, I definately did not do that :( I wonder if it will fall apart. I should have thought of this. Next time I will try sealing and then painting over it.

I have no idea what to paint on it yet. If I can figure out how to attach a picture, will post it..I'm going to need to practice doing that and reading the help section of the forum...LOL

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I am sure your project is fine, and you can always use a spray sealer, and should to protect your project, so you can dust it as we all have to do LOL!
you said you spounged the acrylic paint on, if useing a brush and those paints since they are waterbase it wets the tissuepaper, and you take the chance of tearing the paper so a sealer is a good idea, you can use a matt spray frist, paint, then finish with with a few coats of what ever type of finish you like.
funny I have been switching back and fouth to your other post on photo tinting and just relize, you were the same person, and posted to look at this post, anyway I think your boards would make beautiful backing for the photos we are talking about, and of course a painting of any kind would also be beautiful!
going to start a new post and show my cigarbox purse and see if we can get some more ideas useing tissue paper!
Thanks for shareing

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here we go,

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omg just beautiful! and very colorfull! how large is your painting? you should post this and the info of how you made it on the painting fourm, I am sure the girls there would love to see your painting.

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