Need creative ideas for glass insulators

paint_chipsFebruary 24, 2007

I have been given several clear glass insulators, but I have NO CLUE what to do with them.

I like for things to be functional and unique, which is why I was the answer to the question, "I wonder who could use these?".

I am drawing a blank. Does anyone have any creative ideas?

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if you are a painter these are real cute!

Have also seen them wraped with wire and turned upside down as a candle holder, nothing else comes to mind, Iam sure you will get some answers here.
Happy crafting

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Turn them upside down into a large old bedspring and use as a votive holder, so cute. You could also use a small wooden box with a hole large enough to fit the rounded end into. Another site for decoratively painted insulators is "" - Cindy Trombley, does a beautiful job and she also sells her patterns.


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oddie, I've never seen decorated insulators. Those are cute. My only idea was to just place them around a display of something else. My Mom loved them and the boys would find them by the railroad tracks and bring them hom to her.

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Sal I like the candle holder idea, have quite a few bed springs left and I know I can get the insulators at the flemarket, thanks for shareing that idea.

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My mom uses them for door stops.

I have considered trying to fit a led and a small battery into the hollow to make nightlight door stops... which sounded so crazy to me that I came running to this forum for advice!

So many great ideas! I have never seen painted ones, very creative. And the candle holder idea is inspired. I tried out a votive and it fits perfectly.

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Heres a commercial site that uses them as decoration on birdhouses.

Here is a link that might be useful: insulators on birdhouses

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I bought some old metal garden fence that I was going to attach them to to make a chandelier. You can find the picture at JunkMarket style magazine. Look at the project page and it is listed under "chandelier"

Make your own chandelier.
It's fun and not too spendy.

Bolt Cutter
Wire Cutter
Needle Nose Pliers

72"-78" of Wire Garden Fence
8-10 (2 ¼" diameter) Telephone Pole Insulators (votive cups or small jars can also be used)
18 Gauge Wire
Old Chain
Candles, Ribbons, Flowers, and/or Greenery to decorate the chandelier

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I've seen them hung from trees as bird feeders.

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I have one for a door stop but the others are just on display as is. I can't bare to do anything with them because they're part of my primitive collection. I love this stuff and I keep finding cooler finds for the house! :)

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I use them as part of my prim decorating too. Just sitting on shelves and different places. Used to use them as doorstops until they started getting chipped. I like them as they are. ~Anj

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we took one and set the wide end of it into a woodblock in which we had already set a night light wire and socket. It makes a really pretty nightlight on the hearth!!!

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