Attn: Annie, Colleen--baby pics

AdnamaDecember 21, 2007

I know some of y'all from another forum that is no longer up... and some sporadic posting here, too. I was more active in the gardening forums a few years ago. Anyway, I thought some of y'all would wanna see the new baby. Also, as a first time parent, I'm obnoxiously posting pictures everywhere. 8^)

Here is a link that might be useful: Amon

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Oh yeah--born 2:07 am December 11 and we're both home and doing well.

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I am not Annie or Colleen, but he sure is cute!

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Thank you!

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Oh my, he is just precious. I wanna pinch his cheeks!

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Oh I remember you being preggers on that other forum, congrats congrats with all that is on your plate!

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Oh Amanda, what a wonderful handsome little boy. (You're welcome, Jessica)

I love that second picture of him with the white blanket and hat and about half a smile. He's perfect, good job Mom.

So, how are you feeling?


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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

Handsome little guy! Love his head of hair and the booties :)

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What other forum? Oh well, never mind!

That's a handsome baby! Great eyes, and tons of hair! I love that wise expression tiny babies possess.

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Thanks all!

Jessy, he is a boy, like Annie said. Amon rhymes with "Cayman," like the islands... sometimes it's spelled "Eamon." I thought it wasn't a totally weird name, but a lot of people are having trouble with it. Hopefully he won't be mad at me for his name in junior high!

Annie, I think I'm feeling the way I'm supposed to--sore and overwhelmed and tired and happy. DH is being wonderful about helping with everything. We're tag-teaming child-watching and pie-baking tomorrow.

I only have one more paper to write and I'll be able to get rid of my incompletes for the end of the semester, too. School doesn't start back up for me until the middle of January, so I am going to end up with a little over six weeks off.

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Thanks for the pix - I don't think I saw those before. I think he looks like his father, except for the eyes. And - he is my first grand-nephew!

Too bad we didn't get to see you in Texas, but I've convinced Mother that we should have family reunions in the spring - possibly to coincide with your Spring Break, providing you have one. Anyway, she's willing to give up her stranglehold on Christmas, especially since you and your siblings are now more difficult to get together. Jason was the only grandchild she had a Christmas this year, but Linda brought her daughter with her two children, and that made it a bit more festive. They should have warned me about the peanut allergy, however.


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