My Valentine hearts for this year...

pattico_gwFebruary 5, 2010

I always have to have something for my cousins and daughters...this is what I'm making this year.

Similar to last years that I posted earlier.

Foam board, with scrapbook paper,(my favorite is the beige and ivory rose...from Hobby sheet will cover both sides of heart if you don't make it too big. the larger sheet of scrapbook paper.) The twist trim I bought at a thrift store but I found some just like it at Hancock fabrics today. I have ten dollars into it and will make about 10 hearts.


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Beautifull! I like the one in the middle the best, but gosh they are all three very beautifull,what a nice gift also

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I love all of them, so beautiful. Now I want to make some, hope I have the supplies in house, now to find a heart pattern to use. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Keep on crafting! Carol

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I have some of those supplies too, and your hearts are so inspiring! Friend just told me a few days ago that
$ Tree has some sheets of foamboard.
Heart patterns are the easiest thing to make--Just take some old newspaper, make a fold and cut a shape. If at first you don't succeed, newspaper, or magazine pages are cheap! Try!
When you get one you like, transfer to a cereal box to make a more permanent pattern.

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oh so pretty! i love the color scheme, too.

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Yes...I got my foam board at Dollar Tree...It's not near as nice but it does the job.
I think regular foam board is just a tad thicker and it has a slicker paper covering, more like poster board. This has just a thin paper covering and the foam is different.

But like I works.

Best of all....they don't shout "Valentines day" we can use them year round. If they go with your decor.

If any of you make some...please post them. I'd love to see yours.


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Those are beautiful.

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